Seven Seat Hacks You Need To Know Now

Window or aisle? Front, middle or back? Sometimes it pays to be selective about where you choose to sit on a flight…check out the following tips and tricks and you’ll be sitting pretty the next time you fly…

When You Want to… Make a Quick Exit

seat collgae3
Be tactical when it comes to your seat

Can’t wait to get your holiday started, get to your meeting, or make your way home?  Plan ahead and book a seat in rows 1 A, B, C or 2 D, E, F to make sure you’re first on and first off the flight. This seating arrangement is also perfect for anyone who makes a habit of forgetting to use the bathroom before the seat-belt sign comes on. And we all know one of those.

When You Want… Amazing #AVPICS

wingshot collage
@rideonmylens, @jenternational and @vanessa_pd window seats for the best Instagram shots

They’re the Instagram photos that have always eluded you. You know the one with the perfect pinky-blue sky, fluffy clouds and otherworldly rays of sunlight, all framed by a cheeky wing peeking out from the corner. Then there’s that spectacular aerial shot of the city lit up by millions of tiny lights.  To capture these absolute beauties, book a window seat that’s located somewhere between rows 15 and 18 – it’s your time to shine.

When You Want To Be With ALL Your Besties

Buckle up beside your besties

It’s not every day you get to fly with 20 or more of your nearest and dearest, in fact there’s usually a very good reason why you’re travelling in a pack. Whether you’re jetting off with a stag party, on a hen weekend or heading to an away match, it makes sense to reserve your seats officially as a group booking. Don’t leave it to chance!

When You Want… Extra Legroom

three seats1
Kick back, stretch those legs and enjoy your journey

If you’re blessed with long legs, or you just want as much space as possible to sprawl out during a flight, treat yourself to one of the roomier seats in rows 16 and 17. Not only can you look forward to extra legroom, but as soon as you reserve a seat, you’re free to check-in up to 60 days before take-off. Let the countdown begin…


When You Want to… Catch Some Zzzzzs

land of nod1
Bye bye sunrise, hello land of nod… Instagram image via Ryanair traveller @strohblond

Red-eye warrior?  Not a lot of people realise that seat 11A has no window, meaning it’s the perfect seat if you’re planning to catch up on some zzzs during a morning flight.  This seat is also a little life-saver late at night when you’ve spent the day travelling and all you want is a few minutes of shut-eye.

When You Want to…Eat ASAP

joy della vita instagram
Get your caffeine fix STAT… Instagram image via Ryanair traveller @joydellavita_travelblog

When it comes to in-flight snacks, row 33 or rows 1 and 2 will give you a head start on the rest of the plane. If you’re planning to tuck into some tasty hot food, you’ll be able to get your order in good and early too.  Bon Appetit!

When You Want…Family Time

Avail of Family Plus

Travelling with children and/or teens? Choose Family Plus:

  • 2 x 20kg checked in bags per booking to be left at bag-drop desk before security
  • 1 x 10kg bag per passenger to be left at bag-drop desk before security
  • Free seats for kids - make sure everyone sits together with reserved seating