Tips for Travelling with Kids – The Ryanair Guide



It’s the one thing any busy parent doesn’t have enough of.  And when you’re travelling with kids, you definitely want to use what little you do have to focus on the right things — having fun.


We’re a family of five who loves travelling.   From skiing in the mountains of Austria to dancing in the streets of Spain, time is always well spent when we’re heading away on a new adventure.  


But what three young boys have taught us is that in order to use our time wisely, we need to set ourselves up for success. 


Here are our family’s best travel tips for travelling with kids: 

Smart Bookings

I’m just going to say it, travelling with children can be expensive.  Nowadays, we can’t even walk out our front door without spending money.  But going on a family holiday doesn’t mean you have to take out a second mortgage on your house.  Be “open” to your destination and you can find amazing deals while discovering new and exciting places along the way. Ryanair’s Fare Finder is a good place to start.  Just plug in your departure airport, fix a budget and off you go!

One Stop Shop

While you’re at it, book your hotel and car rental all on the same page.  With Ryanair Rooms and Ryanair Car Hire, you don’t have to hop around to different websites to book your holiday.  We have found tons of family friendly hotels within our budget and in the process; earned 10% back towards our next flight- can’t beat that. 

Hassle Free Packing

Packing is hard enough when travelling with children, without having to worry about whether or not your liquids are all 100ml or less or whether or not you have room to pack that extra sweater.  Whenever we travel with children, we always make sure to have a least one checked-in bag that we load up with our shampoos, sunscreen, or anything else we want to pack and forget about. 

The Early Bird…

….doesn’t have a breakdown in the middle of the airport and misses their flight.


We’ve all seen them, those stressed out people running through the airport, racing through the crowds, trying to catch their plane.  Don’t let this be you when travelling with kids.  The quickest way to start your family trip badly is to not give yourself plenty of time for the unexpected.  Secure a stress free start by opting for Fast Track and spend less time queuing at security and more time relaxing and shopping at the duty free. 

Snacks, games, and more snacks

Distraction is the name of the game.  When travelling with children, the more options you bring, the less crying you’ll endure.  Children are like adults.  When we’re fed and entertained, we’re happy - so bring games, toys, food, and if needed electronics for a peaceful journey.   We always opt for Ryanair’s priority boarding plus two-bag option, which allows us to bring whatever we need onto the plane and board first. 

Know the terrain

Wherever your destination might be, plan ahead.  There are literally hundreds of travel guides and websites that can offer pearls of wisdom on what to see, where to eat, and where to stay.  Check out some of our tips for travelling with children on Ryanair’s Try Somewhere New.  From exploring Northern Morocco, to surfing in Texel, and indoor skydiving in Belgium we have had an amazing time following our passion and hearts all around the world. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy

Lastly, be flexible.  Travel with kids can bring unexpected circumstances.  Try to be patient, slow down, and enjoy yourself.  Remember you were a kid once too. 

This is the time to make memories of a lifetime because before you know it, you’ll be out of the most valuable thing you have….TIME!



- Karyn Gorman