11 Interesting Things to See in Poznan

Poznan is one of Poland’s most populated regions and is known for its Renaissance Old Town, but this gem in west-central Poland has so much more to offer.


From beautiful museums and parks to legally protected local delicacies and delicious food, Poznan is a fascinating place to visit.


Here are 11 of the most interesting things to see in Poznan...

Market Square

Things to do in Poznan visit Market Square

Market Square is the centre of Old Town and heart of the city. It’s one of the most fascinating places to visit in Poznan.


It’s surrounded by historic tenement houses, museums, restaurants, cafés, quaint streets and the beautiful Renaissance city hall.


During the summer and autumn months, the square is taken over by café bars and has a vibrant atmosphere until late in the evening. Make this your first stop on your list of things to see in Poznan.

Museum of Decorative Arts

Things to do in Poznan Museum of Decorative Arts
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The Museum of Decorative Arts can be found in the very heart of Poznan. The 43 metre castle tower offers a unique view of the whole city.


Inside you’ll find furniture, decorative fabrics, valuable silver, china and a wide variety of artefacts that once decorated castles and palaces.


It truly is a fascinating and beautiful collection worth exploring on your journey of things to see in Poznan.

Bo Bistro

Things to do in Poznan visit Bo Bistro
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Feeling a bit peckish? Pop in to Bo Bistro for delicious, healthy and fresh food without having to break the bank.


You can get a full meal here for less than a tenner and you’ll leave stuffed to the brim.

Park Cytadela

Things to do in Poznan visit Park Cytadela

Park Cytadela is the biggest park in Poznan. The name comes from the hill to the north of the city.


Formerly Winiary fortress until 1945 when it was largely destroyed, this park is steeped in historical significance.


Following the fortress’ demolition, work began in 1962 to build the park. Originally called the Monument of Brotherhood in Arms and Friendship between the USSR and Poland.


That’s a bit too wordy, so it was renamed as Park Cytadela in 1992.

Stary Browar

Things to do in Poznan visit Stary Browar

Ambrosius Hugger, who has arguably the best name ever, opened his first brewery at the start of the 19th Century. After its success, he and his family opened a second one, before his sons Julius and Alfons opened the famous Hugger Breweries.


Hugger Breweries is now Stary Browar (meaning: Old Brewery – imaginative) and is a super shopping mall inside this historic brewery.


It’s the perfect place to do some shopping, but even if you aren’t keen on hitting the shops Stary Browar is definitely worth checking out.

Poznan Palm House

Things to do in Poznan visit Poznan Palm House

Discover the largest greenhouse in Europe by visiting the century old Palm House.


Palm House has gathered an enormous collection of plants, becoming the biggest institute of its kind in Poland, and one of the biggest in Europe.


It can be found in Wilson Park, which is also home to a raid shelter which is open to the public. It was built in 1944 for the Germans who lived in luxurious apartments in the city.

Poznan Croissant Museum

Things to do in Poznan visit Poznan Croissant Museum
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You’d be forgiven for thinking croissants belonged to the French, but the St Martin Croissant is very much a symbol of Poznan.


So much so it is protected by EU law. The average person isn’t legally allowed make a St Martin Croissant unless they use the exact recipe.


You can learn how to do that at the Croissant Museum, before devouring the fruits of your labour. 

Hotel Puro

Things to do in Poznan stay at Hotel Puro
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Hotel Puro is a modern hotel just steps from the square where you can relax and recharge after a long day checking out the best things to see in Poznan.


Hotel Puro combines contemporary design with historical surroundings to give you a true reflection of Poznan.

Maltanka Mini Railway

Things to do in Poznan visit the Maltanka Mini Railway
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This is an adorable train ride for families. On the northern side of Maltańskie Lake, the track of Maltanka Mini Railway runs.


Between April and September the train takes passengers to the New Zoo while being pulled by 1925 steam engine Borsig. A great experience.

Klub Dragon

Things to do in Poznan visit Klub Dragon
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Dive into the heart of the alternative scene by visiting Klub Dragon.


It’s hard to explain this place because it is so unique. During the day it’s a community and cultural centre with all sorts of exhibitions, displays and performances.


At night, it transforms into a club, where people from all walks of life descend to let loose.

Bistro Szarlotta

Things to do in Poznan for food visit Bistro Szarlotta
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Bistro Szarlotta is a combination of a restaurant, bar and café in Old Town. If it’s your first time there, we recommend getting a coffee and sample some of the items on the menu.


From there you can enjoy a gourmet dinner in the Old Town in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


These are just some of the most interesting things to see in Poznan. Peaked your interest?


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