11 Must See Places in Paris

Paris: city of light, city of love. The French capital is one of those places everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. 


Planning a trip soon? We’re here to help - here are 11 must see places to add to your list before you jet in.

Arc de Triomphe

You really can’t go to Paris without visiting Arc de Triomphe.


Not only is it a spectacular feat of engineering, but every evening at 6:30pm, you can catch a very special ceremony. The flame of remembrance is rekindled nightly in memory of The Unknown Soldier who was buried at the base of the arch in 1921.


Tip: You can get a unique 360˚ view of the Champs-Élysées from the top of the panoramic terrace. 

Trocadero Square

There's no better place to take in the Eiffel Tower in all its glory than Trocadero Square. 


It’s the perfect spot for a spectacular view of Paris’ most famous landmark. Enjoy the view with a Nutella-filled crepe as you people watch the tourists and locals. 

Seine Cruise

Seeing the romantic sights of Paris on a cruise along the River Seine is an absolute must-do during your visit to the French capital.


There are a number of packages and companies to choose from as well, so if you want a running commentary of the views or if you just want to take it all in by yourself, the choice is yours.

Les Enfants Rouges

This bustling market is the perfect place to fill an empty stomach, no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Eat your way around the world from Lebanese, Japanese, African or even if you want something a bit fancier, there are plenty of artisanal and organic food stalls to fuel up.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Another iconic Parisian sight and it’s completely free to visit. This Gothic cathedral took 170 years to build and is truly breath-taking in real life.

Grand Train

Photo: Facebook

A pop up space with great food and great company. It’s the ideal way to spend a summer afternoon in Paris.

Saint Martin Canal

Walking through Saint Martin Canal is like escaping to a village in the middle of the Parisian city centre.


The iron footbridges and tree covered quays create an idyllic atmosphere. With chic bars and trendy clientele, the area around the canal is a beautiful place any time of day.


Walking around Montmarte, it’s no wonder than Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso were inspired by this bohemian neighbourhood.


There is so much to see and do in Montmartre, you can easily spend a whole day here getting lost in the beautiful architecture and delicious food and drink.


Oh, and the Moulin Rouge is there too, if you want to see the cabaret first built in 1889, which many call the modern birthplace of the can-can.

Notre Dame Towers

Climb the 402 steps of the Notre Dame towers and be greeted by a stunning view of the city landscape, as well as the infamous gargoyles.


We recommend arriving early or later in the evening to avoid queues, as only 20 people are allowed in at one time, but once you reach the top you’ll see it was well worth the wait.

The “I Love You” Wall

Paris is called the 'city of love' for good reason and the I Love You Wall  celebrates the millions of lovers that visit the city.


“I love you” is written in 250 languages on the wall and it’s a romantic place to sit with your partner. It’s better than carving your initials into a tree, that’s for sure.

Eiffel Tower

We shouldn’t really have to tell you to visit the Eiffel Tower while you’re in Paris. It’s the most visited monument in the world for a reason.


The symbol of Paris, a symbol of romance. Whether you journey to the top or stare in awe from the ground, it’s certainly a remarkable sight.


Be sure to get a selfie while you’re there, everyone else will.


There are loads more things to see and do in the French capital, but for now get started on this list of the must see places in Paris.


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