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Pubs, clubs and more – the best of Girona nightlife
Attracting crowds seven nights a week, the bars and clubs of Girona are top notch. Explore the cobbled streets of the medieval settlement after dark with our guide to the best nightlife in Girona.
Why the Costa Brava is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination
It’s easy to get lost in Costa Brava’s beautiful beaches, rocky coves, and tranquil villages, but it has much more to offer families than just gorgeous scenery.
7 Selfie Hotspots from Season Six of Game of Thrones
From moon-like landscapes to medieval castles and remote villages, we’ve got the scoop on Europe’s hottest GoT backdrops
8 Beautiful Game of Thrones Destinations to See in Real Life
Forget the realms of fantasy, we’re about to take you on an armchair adventure to 8 of the most beautiful locations from Game of Thrones that you can visit in real life…
Exploring Girona’s Best Bits in a Day
It was 11am and the leafy street was drenched in sunlight. The sky was cloudless, a pale cool-blue and professional dawdlers sauntered from café to café with newspapers tucked under their arms.
Sunshine and Surrealism: The Dalí Museum, Figueres
Apparently, putting the museum in Figures, was in many ways Dalí’s way of earning the respect of his home town.
Family Postcards from Spain
We got some brilliant trip reviews, and it genuinely gave us the warm ‘n fuzzy feels to go through all the entries, and read about so many people flying off to the sun to have a great time!
9 Dishes that Say it's Christmas in Europe
Let’s be honest here: the best thing about Christmas is undoubtedly food. Forget the presents and the ’80s guilty pleasure music, we're all about what's on the dinner table...
5 of Europe's Weirdest Christmas Traditions
Whether it’s in the food, the various creatures that visit children to bring presents or…well, poo…Europe certainly doesn’t do Christmas traditions by halves.