Kate Reviews Disneyland Paris…

Kate Keena (10) from Dublin took some time out from her very busy school schedule recently to talk to us about her holiday in Europe’s biggest playground. Read on to find out where to eat breakfast in Paris, the best way to beat the crowds, and how to terrify your mum…


Hi Kate! So, you recently took a Ryanair flight to somewhere really, really cool; tell us, where did you go?


I went to Paris with my Mum for my 10th Birthday. We flew with Ryanair and took the bus into Paris from the airport, and then took a train to Disneyland Paris. First we went to the Dream Castle Hotel to get checked in. Our room was like a castle. I loved the bunk beds with curtains around them. We spent two days at Disneyland. We went on loads of rides – the merry go round, then the flying elephants, the tea cups and many more.


Were they scary? What was the best one?


My highlight was Thunder Mountain, it was so cool. But the only thing was my mum didn’t know what it was like before we got on, and well, mum is afraid of heights. It went swirling around very quickly so when we got off mum had to sit down and have a big glass of water. She was really scared and shaking. She didn’t see a thing because she was crouched down with her eyes closed the whole time. I thought it was the best thing ever. I stretched my arms up high. It was really great. But I couldn’t get mum to go again…

Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris

What else did you do there?


We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride twice and I got splashed. The Peter Pan ride was great, it was like flying through the stars. We went to Planet Hollywood for great burgers. And I got ice cream and mum got a healthy fruit salad. We went in to a really cool sweet shop in Disneyland Main Street. There were so many sweets. We bought a huge bag to eat when we were walking around. Then we went to the magic show at the Disney Castle and there were amazing fireworks and everything. I got Mini Mouse ears and a magic light want that glowed with the fireworks. On the second day we got a tour of Walt Disney studios. I went into the Disney Castle it was really cool. I tried to go on Indiana Jones but I was too small. We saw the parade and I got a hug from Pooh Bear and Tigger. We had lots of goes on the flying carpet, the tea cups, the carousel and lots more.


Wow, you really got a lot done in two days there!


Yes, mum said it was a great idea to go in February because the queues were very short. We used fast track but the longest we had to queue was 25 minutes for Thunder Mountain.


Did you see any of Paris during your trip, or just Disneyland?


Yes, after Disneyland Paris we went to actual Paris! We stayed at Hotel d’Orsay right in the centre beside the bridges and the art galleries. Mum loved the hotel, and she said it was a great deal. There was a balcony looking out on the street with lovely old buildings. After we got checked into our hotel we went to the Eiffel Tower. We went right to the very top even though mum is afraid of heights and I took loads of pictures, but she thought it was like Thunder Mountain all over again. It was really great. It was dark and the lights were great along the river, bridges and across the city. When we were half way up the tower it started to twinkle. There are thousands of little lights that twinkle every evening at different times. It was really magical.

Beyond Thunder Mountain and Disneyland Paris… The sights and delights of the city

Well this all sounds like the best birthday ever…


It was, and the next day we went to L’aduree for breakfast. We got macaroons and since it was my birthday I got a free special cherry blossom macaroon from the waiter. Then we went shopping and saw huge queues outside Chanel and some other expensive shops. We went to Sacre Coeur and there were lots of great little shops that were not so expensive there, so I bought some nice gifts for my friends. Then we went to Musee d’Orsay to see some art. We saw all the Monet paintings that I know from books, and beautiful paintings by Degas and Renoir, which I knew from the ‘Katie Goes To The Art Gallery‘ books. It was great to see the real paintings. We also saw Whistler’s Mother. I knew that one from the Mr Bean movie. It was funny to see it.

Blueberry goes to the Louvre, Paris

I can’t help but notice you have a little travel companion with you in most of your pictures. Who’s that?


That’s Blueberry. He comes everywhere.


Well, a good travel companion is an important thing to have. Would you both go to Paris again?


Yes, I was so sad when we had to go home and went to the airport to go back to Ireland. I can’t wait to go back to Paris, and I would do exactly the same, but next time Dad will have to take me on the Thunder Mountain ride (a few times) and I definitely want to go right up to the very top of the Eiffel Tower soon again.


Flights to Paris 


- Dee Murray