Here are the UK's Hottest Summer Destinations 2020

Sit back, relax and catch some rays… here are this summer’s hottest destinations to visit from the UK.

1. Lake Como

Image credit: iStock/domin_domin

Lake Como is easily one of Europe’s most iconic holiday destinations.


This gorgeous Italian lake is located just an hour away from Milan and is the perfect spot to unwind in the sun in glorious, elegant surroundings.


Temperatures reach over 25 degrees during the summer months — ideal weather for Lake Como’s array of water activities like boat rides, kayaking and jet skiing.


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2. Zadar

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If you’ve been to Dubrovnik already and done Pula before, then it’s well worth considering a sun break to Croatia’s enchanting city of Zadar.


This cool port city won’t be overcrowded with holiday goers and is a much more quiet, relaxing alternative.


Steeped in history and covered in pretty beaches, under-rated Zadar is a much more affordable, sun-blessed gem. Did we mention it’s got its own giant, solar-powered dancefloor?


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3. Kefalonia

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Temperatures reach as high as 27 degrees in Kefalonia throughout July.


This beautiful Greek island is dotted with secluded, sandy beaches that feature crystal-clear blue waters, giant rocks and rugged cliffs.


Exploring the Melissani and Drogarati Caves is a must, while you’ll also love the adorable Loggerhead sea turtles who swim close to the harbours.


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4. Corfu

Image credit: iStock/Balate Dorin

Glorious mountains, picture-perfect coastlines and stunning beaches… there’s plenty of reasons why Corfu is considered Greece’s most beautiful island.


Incredibly popular with holiday goers every year, sun-drenched Corfu is nicknamed the ‘Emerald Island’ because it’s covered in luscious green trees and pastures.


This west coast gem boasts rich history, piping hot weather and Corfu Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


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5. Kalamata

Image credit: iStock/photo_stella

The acclaimed romantic drama Before Midnight starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy was filmed in the city of Kalamata and it’s easily one of Greece’s most eye-catching destinations to soak up some sun.


Located in a snug little southern valley, Kalamata is famed for its beautiful scenery at Mani Peninsula and Navarino Lagoon.


Here you can enjoy peace and tranquility watching the sunset over the Mediterranean.


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6. Alghero

Image credit: iStock/maniscule

One of Italy’s most alluring medieval towns, Alghero is located on the picturesque island of Sardinia and has interesting Catalan origins.


If you’re a fan of delicious food and spending time outside in nature (temperatures reach as high as 30 degrees during summer), then this is the holiday destination for you.


Here you can go dolphin watching, visit underwater caves and go snorkeling. The whitewashed beach of La Pelosa is not to be missed either.


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7. Pula

Image credit: iStock/Mislav Vidovic

This seafront destination in Croatia comes alive during summer. Pula boasts an array of fun festivals and concerts which makes it a popular destination for holidaymakers from the UK.


Swap the drab, unpredictable weather of a British summer for a week of sun and excitement along the Adriatic Sea.


There’s the stunning Roman colosseum (the world’s best-preserved colosseum outside Italy), late night concerts at the Forum and the glittering Lighting Giants installation at Uljanik shipyard.


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8. Palanga

Image credit: iStock/artyme83

For somewhere a little bit different, it’s worth checking out this delightful little seaside resort.


In Palanga you can explore lavish, colourful Lithuanian villas from the 19th and 20th centuries dotted along the beach, drink unique Eastern European beers and explore the unrefined wilderness along the Baltic Sea.


You’ll love the peaceful nature walk through Botanical Park and watching the sunset along the Pier of Palanga.


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9. Ponta Delgada

Image credit: iStock/boule13

The Azores is a lush, sunny gem that never disappoints. This chain of Portuguese islands is a slice of paradise featuring hot weather, gorgeous surroundings and dramatic landscapes.


Ponta Delgada is the capital of the Azores and it’s a haven for anyone who loves the outdoors. Whale watching, underwater diving and snorkeling are all of the agenda here.


Temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees from June to August.


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10. Santander

Image credit: iStock/Leamus

Looking for a bright, vibrant coastal city to unwind in? With lovely plazas and promenades, Santander is a destination that ticks a lot of boxes for a sun holiday this year.


It has beaches like Playa de Los Molinucos and Playa de Mataleñas that are perfect for sunbathing. There’s the beautiful green park, Península de la Magdalena, that’s ideal for chilling out.


Best of all, you’ll gorge on some of the finest Spanish tapas and seafood made from fresh ingredients sourced locally in Santander.


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11. Limoges

Image credit: iStock/JackF

Hidden between the more well-known cities of Bordeaux and La Rochelle, Limoges is definitely an under-appreciated secret in the south of France.


Here you’ll avoid the usual tourist traps and instead enjoy an authentic holiday experience in this historic, medieval city.


Best known for its internationally famous decorated porcelain, in Limoges be sure not to miss the Grand Gothic Cathedral, Limousin castle and the Quartier de la Boucherie district. History and pretty sites aplenty in this quiet, humble commune.


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12. Naples

Image credit: iStock/Gabriele Maltinti

Naples is a truly unique Italian destination. Temperatures rocket to 30 degrees during the summer and, while it is a great location to pick up a nice tan, there’s so much more going on than just the nice weather.


Naples is a city brimming with history along its cobblestoned streets. The city itself dates back to 470 BC and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


See unique ancient ruins by day and feast on the finest, most authentic pizza anywhere in the world by night. The saying goes that Rome is Italy’s heart, but Naples is the country’s soul.


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13. Murcia

Image credit: iStock/thelinke

With pretty cafés, Roman ruins and fine Spanish dining, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in Murcia. Located in the sunny south east, it’s affectionately known as the ‘Garden of Spain.’


Wine tasting and gorgeous vineyards are popular here, while thermal and mud baths are also available for visitors looking to relax.


Like Naples, Murcia is not a hotbed for tourists, so you’ll really enjoy a memorable, authentic Spanish experience here.


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14. Seville

Image credit: iStock/Gim42

If you fancy some hot — and we mean hot — weather this summer, then Seville is the place to be. Temperatures will reach 36 degrees come July and the exceptional capital of Andalusia is a brilliant destination to catch some rays.


Come for the weather, but stay for the exciting flamenco dance shows, yummy tapas and tasty Spanish wine.


Some must-see sites include Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville’s famous Gothic Cathedral (the largest in the world) and Plaza de España.


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15. Thessaloniki

Image credit: iStock/trabantos

Want entertainment on your sun holiday this summer? Thessaloniki is known for its unique culture, lively festivals and exciting, vibrant events.


This beautiful port destination is Greece’s second-largest city. With ancient relics and tons of UNESCO sites from the Byzantine era, relaxing vineyards and high-end shopping boutiques, there’s tons to keep you busy.


The views atop Eptapyrgio Castle are breathtaking and you’ll connect with nature at Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas National Park.


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