Zagreb – Where to eat, drink and dance

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With plenty of sights to see and walking to be done in this enchanting city, it’s very easy to build up a colossal appetite!


Lucky for you, Zagreb boasts a number of unique dishes, quality restaurants, lively bars and an electric nightclub scene for you to indulge in after your long day of sightseeing.


So, join us as we guide you through our top tips of where to eat, drink and dance in the Croatian capital.

What to eat – Štrukli

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You cannot visit Zagreb without tasting a firm local favourite, štrukli. A delicate pastry dish filled with cottage cheese and sour cream, these delicacies are simply to die for. A traditional dish that can be eaten any time of day, you can indulge yourself in both sweet and savoury variations of this cuisine.


Want to get your hands on the best štrukli in town? Stroll on down to La Štruk, which has a wide range of both traditional and modern interpretations of the dish and you’ll struggle to find a better štrukli in the city!  

What to eat - Zagrebački odrezak

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The Zagreb schnitzel, or Zagrebački odrezak to the locals, is one of the cities most beloved dishes and one that all Zagreb visitors have to try to truly get a taste of the capital. Zagrebački odrezak is a pan-fried veal escalope filled with ham and melted cheese and deep fried to perfection.


A similar dish to the Swiss classic Cordon Bleu, the dish is unique with veal being the main meat of the dish, but you can find different interpretations across the city that have chicken or pork in its place (in case you’re not vealing it).


If it’s quality Zagrebački odrezak you’re after then look no further than Gostionica Ficlek, a wonderful authentic restaurant that specialises in traditional Croatian dishes.

Where to drink – Tesla New Generation

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After you have tried some traditional Zagrebian cuisine, you will need something to wash it down with! We recommend you try one of Zagreb’s most popular concept bars, Tesla New Generation. This trendy cocktail bar has not only a wide array of drinks but also entertainment! Live music, DJ sets, fashion designers and stand-up comedy can all be found here during the week. Named after the famous Croatian inventor, this funky bar should satisfy all palettes with a great selection of cocktails, wines and domestic Croatian beers.

Where to drink – Bacchus Jazz Bar

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For a completely different atmosphere, that is only a stone’s throw away from our previous bar, you should try Bacchus Jazz Bar. Its a hidden gem in Zagreb’s lower town, buried under a blanket of fig trees. It’s an ideal location to relax on a summer evening, with a beer of your choice and enjoy the live Jazz music and occasional poetry sessions. If you’re looking for an easy-going bar with some alternative vibes, this is the place for you!

Where to drink/dance – Swanky Monkey Garden

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One of the trendiest spots in town is undoubtedly Swanky Monkey. It’s a unique cocktail bar with a great vibe and a top spot for travellers from across the globe. The staff are incredibly welcoming and full of energy and they’ll make you feel right at home, whatever part of the world you’ve ventured from!


With a stunning cocktail selection and regular live DJ sets on their sunny terraces, you’ll do well to find a more electric atmosphere in the whole city! Swanky monkey is also a dog friendly bar, so there is plenty of furry friends to be made here as well!

Where to dance – Aquarius Klub

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Overlooking the stunning Lake Jarun is one of Zagreb’s hottest clubs, Aquarius Klub. Locals and tourists from all over the city flock to get a spot at Aquarius’ buzzing summer terrace. The club is two stories and has a wide range of music sets including House, R&B, Electronic and live gigs. Just make sure you check what music will be on the night you’re attending!


So, whether you’re looking to spend your evening in a sleepy bar with a glass of vino and some traditional cuisine or to dance until dawn, Zagreb has a great mix of bar and culinary options for whatever type of holiday you find yourself on.