Baqueira/Beret: A Family Ski Paradise

Family fun is waiting for you at Spain’s premier ski slopes in Baqueira-Beret. 


Located in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, the ski station extends from 1,500 to 2,510 meters in elevation and contains 143 km of pristine ski runs.  Opened since 1964, Baqueria-Beret is Spain’s most popular and sophisticated resort although still relatively unknown by many Europeans.  With just a short drive from airports in Toulouse, Barcelona or Girona, Baqueira-Beret should be on every ski-lovers must-do list.

Not all ski resorts are appropriate for every type of skier. Baqueira-Beret, however, caters to most. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the fabulous ski conditions, immerse yourself in the lively Spanish nightlife (after / après-ski), or just hoping for a more laid-back family friendly atmosphere, Baqueira-Beret is an irresistible combination of all of the above. 

As a family full of passionate skiers, we couldn’t recommend this ski resort more highly. If you’ve already chosen Baqueira-Beret for your next holiday, then you’re half way there.  Here are some additional tips to make your ski adventure a memory of a lifetime.

Minutes from the Slopes

Maximize your ski time by staying at Hotel Montarto, just steps from the Baquiera main lift, leading up the mountain.  An unbeatable location, the hotel caters for those families that want to make every minute count.  Start your day off right with a generous breakfast buffet and end it, enjoying a swim or sauna in Montarto’s indoor spa facilities.  How our kids managed to swim for another two hours after skiing is beyond us.

Also a stone’s throw away is the Baqueira Tourism Department and ski equipment rental office, making obtaining ski passes and gearing up easy.  Whether you are in need of boots, a helmet or need the whole kit, they’ve got you covered. 

Learn the Ropes:

When going with little ones still developing their ski skills, it is fundamental that ski lessons play a part in your experience.  The Baquiera British Ski School is the perfect stop for personalised or group training classes and given that only one of our children spoke Spanish it was very useful that native English speakers were calling the shots.


Thanks to their team of British qualified ski instructors, our kids were zipping down the mountain after only a couple of lessons.


Thank you Ru for your kindness and motivation but most of all, thank for your unbelievable patience.  

Fuel up:

Undoubtedly, skiing takes a lot out of you so it’s important to fuel up.  But if you’re going to eat, you might as well eat five star!  Restaurante 5J located next to the Baquiera main lift, allows for a gourmet experience 1,800 meters high. This gastronomic refuge offers wonderful selections of meats, wine, and Spanish tapa favorites.  Known for their Jamon Serrano (100% acorn-fed ham and Iberian cold meats) we indulged ourselves again and again, and then again.   

Tip: On Tuesday night head to the town of Vielha and venture through cobbled alleyways, among post-card-worthy taverns, trying the local favorite of Pinxto y Pote. With every drink you order, enjoy a small plate of food (tapa) free of charge.  Plan your night out right and your dinner is done! 

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Besides the wonderful snow runs, the friendly Spanish people and the mind-blowing food and wine, Baquiera is also known for its after-ski (après ski).  DJ booths are stationed at various locations around the mountain to ensure that the fun times don’t stop just because you did. Park yourself in one of the ski bars and enjoy.  


Tip: Check out DJ Yuli (Julián Sánchez Moreno) at the Moet Bar (Baquiera 1500). Our kids couldn’t get enough!

Once in a Lifetime

As a family, we have a few bucket list items and a snowy dog sled ride is one of them. Correction was one of them.  Thanks to Montgarri Outdoor Experience we can cross that one off the list.


Glide through the Aran Valley by dog sled, snowmobiles or take in the beauty by snowshoe.  Montgarri Outdoor Experience offers you a variety of alternatives guaranteed to transform you into a true polar explorer.


Stay the night under a blanket of stars at the Amics de Montgarri Mountain lodge and enjoy a feast prepared over an open fire grill. Packages and excursions are on offer ranging from 3-14 km.  It was a truly fabulous and unique experience. #LuckyFamily. 


- Karyn Gorman and Olav Adami