Les Villages Nature Park

Sustainability isn’t just a fad, it’s a way of life.  And what better way to further your commitment to a more sustainable existence than to spend your next family holiday somewhere that celebrates it.


Welcome to the Les Villages Nature® Paris, a destination resort that is reinventing the concept of holidays. Situated 32km from Paris and 6km from Disneyland Paris, the eco-friendly holiday village is designed to encourage guests to unwind and enjoy learning about sustainable living in a natural environment.

Not your traditional hotel:

There is no lobby at Les Villages Nature Paris, no lines to queue in, or plastic key cards to mess with.  Instead, check in at the front gate.  Here, you’ll receive bracelets that will open and close your home for the duration of your stay, be given a map of the facilities and directed to your designated parking space where you can ditch the car for the duration of your stay.  It’s as simple as that.  

Le Villages Nature Paris offers three premium level types of accommodation: We stayed in the Clan Comfort-a two storey whimsically decorated cottage which provided a fully stocked kitchen, spacious living room and three bedrooms which housed our family of five comfortably.  

Electric Rides:

The property spans for miles but luckily getting around it couldn’t be easier. We caught one of the many electric buses which loop the park and shuttle guests from destination to destination.  The park also provides bikes and golf carts to rent for more freedom of mobility.  That said, we found that everything was very accessible by good old fashion walking.

Workshops with a Purpose:

Les Villages Nature Paris offers a variety of workshops and activities designed to educate and arouse curiosity about sustainability.  From bee-keeping to compost farming, these mind-expanding exercises enlighten and encourage respect and goodwill towards our planet.


We had a blast at the Chocolate Workshop learning about the different processes of chocolate making from bean to bar.  To the kids’ delight, we got to take home what we created!

The Terrarium Workshop was also a crowd pleaser.  Our little ones got to get their hands dirty by composing their own vegetal miniature ecosystem in a glass jar. 

Food for thought

Hungry?  Les Village Nature Paris has got you covered.  With on premise restaurants including a pizzeria, sandwich and salads and fine dining, there is something to please everyone.  If cooking is more your thing, check out the park’s grocery which provides all the necessary ingredients to make a tasty meal at home.

Five Points of View:

Les Villages Nature is comprised of five immersive worlds and our clan enjoyed each of them for a different reason.  I loved the Extraordinary Gardens with its endless plant life and flowers. Four different gardens, inspired by the four elements of Nature gave the impression that you were stepping into different worlds of greenery. 


Eric: “Nothing beats Agualagoon.  It’s one of the largest covered water parks in Europe. The racing slides, 27,000 ft lagoon, the indoor jacuzzi - I didn’t want to leave but my mom said I was turning into a fish.”

Marlon: “For me, Belle Vie Farm was the best.  All the animals were so cute and who doesn’t love a pony club and animal farm?  We learned all about caring for animals.”


Louie: “The Forest of Legends was just…. legendary.  I love climbing so the outdoor play area with its rope bridges, treehouses and secret pathways was definitely my favorite activity.”

Olav: “The Lakeside Promenade can’t be beaten with its entertainment centre full of games and activities.  Bowling was such a bonding experience and I’m still in awe at how our youngest beat us all with his multiple strikes.”

How to get there: