Vestfold, Norway with Julia Bradbury

Follow in the footsteps of Julia Bradbury's podcast with our guide to Vestfold in Norway...

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Where is Vestfold?

Located on the western shore of the Oslofjord, Vestfold is Norway's smallest county and can be reached within a scenic drive from Oslo Torp airport. Vestfold is famous for its wild, rugged coastline, rich Viking heritage and the beautiful, brooding landscapes that have captured the imaginations of Scandi noir writers. 

What to see in Vestfold

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If you rent a car, it's an easy drive to Færder National Park. The national park is just one of four maritime national parks in Norway - areas of outstanding natural beauty which protect both land and marine life.  While you're there, pay a visit to the World’s End at Tjøme for spectacular views of the 'edge of the world'.

See Færder National Park for further information.

Scale new heights at Aktiv Fritid

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Just a short distance from Færder National Park, you'll find Aktiv Fritiv climbing park where you can try your hand at climbing or rapelling Tjøme`s stunning coastline.

See Aktiv Fritid for further information.

Edvard Munch's House in Åsgårdstrand

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In 1889, Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, (he of 'The Scream' fame), spent the first of many summers in Åsgårdstrand. He loved this part of Norway so much that in 1898 he bought a house here, which he famously referred to as 'the happy house'. The original house is now a museum. In the museum everything is preserved as it was when Munch lived here. He bought the house in 1898 and owned the house until his death.


Edvard Munch's House in Åsgårdstrand is open to the public from May to September.  Tickets cost 70.00 for adults (around €7) and 40.00 for children (around €4).


Visit Stavern: Backdrop for Scandi Noir Fiction

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Stavern is one of the smallest towns in Norway, and is the hometown of the Scandi noir author Jørn Lier Horst. Horst has based several of his dark, crime fiction novels in the town, saying the serene setting inspires a sense of 'paradise lost'.


Stavern enjoys around 200 days of sunshine per year and is one of the sunniest corners of Norway. It's easy then to see why it's such a popular destination in the summer months when the local population swells from 3,000 to 30,000.

Experience Viking life at Midgard Vikingsenter

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Skål!  Raise a glass of mead to Norway's Viking heritage and pay a visit to Midgard Vikingsenter.

Midgard Vikingsenter is located close to the Borre burial mounds, which are recognised as one of Norway's most important cultural heritage sites. Explore Viking history based on archeological discoveries and visit the authentic reconstruction of a great mead hall.


Entry to Midgard Vikingsenter costs 90.00 Norwegian Krone for adults (around €9) and 70.00 Norwegain Krone (around €7) for children. 


See Midgard Vikingsenter for further information. 

Where to stay in Vestfold

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For a real treat, look no further than Quality Hotel Tønsberg.  Boasting a gym and rooftop pool (open during the summer season 1st June to 31st August), as well as one of the most important Viking archaeological sites close by, when it comes to hotels in Vestfold, Quality Hotel Tønsberg is hard to beat. 

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