The Best Wildlife Holidays in Europe

Go in search of elusive wild lynx in Romania, swim with majestic dolphins in Portugal or experience a unique wolf howling tour in Sweden. 

Swimming with dolphins, The Azores

Image credit: iStock/Bill Oxford

Covered in beautiful green pastures and dotted with stunning blue waterways, the Azores is a dream destination for any outdoor enthusiast. 


Nature lovers will adore this island paradise, especially given the chance to go swimming with dolphins. 


Here you can not only see dolphins up close and personal, but you can also share the water with these majestic marine mammals too.  


The Azores is also home to one of the world’s biggest whale sanctuaries where you can see sperm whales and humpback whales.


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Wild lynx tracking, Romania

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Fancy an adventure? Go in search of one of the world’s rarest animals with a trip to southeast Europe. 


Lynxes are a quiet, elusive wildcat that are the national animal of Romania. Lynx tracking excursions are increasingly popular here and it’s a bucket list experience not to be missed.


Over 2,000 Eurasian lynxes are to be found in Romania, particularly in the Carpathian Mountains. 


These beautiful nocturnal cats were almost hunted out of existence and your best bet of seeing them face-to-face is in these magnificent snow-covered mountains near Transylvania.


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Wolf howling tour, Sweden

Image credit: iStock/LordRunar

Sweden is an animal lover’s dream when it comes to seeing wildlife. Whether it’s elk, beavers, moose or bear, there’s a dedicated excursion with a professional guide for every single one of them.  


Wolf tours are a particularly popular wildlife holiday activity in Sweden thanks to the country’s beautiful forests and snow-covered mountain ranges.  


Wolves were once thought extinct here, but since the 1980s these beautiful animals have slowly returned to Scandinavia. Hearing a wolfpack howl together in unison is an unforgettable experience for any wildlife enthusiast.  


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Iberian brown bear excursion, Spain

Image credit: iStock/Dudbrain

The Cantabrian Mountains, located an hour’s drive away from the sunny city of Santander, is an ecological gem home to unique wildlife, flora and fauna. 


Here you can go on a day-long tour that lets you see the Cantabrian Brown Bears in their natural habitat. 


Rise at sunrise and grab a telescope to try and get a good glimpse of these unique Iberian bears that almost went extinct in the 1980s. The rare, furry giants stand up to 2 metres tall and enjoy a lifespan of up to 30 years.


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Reindeer sleigh safari, Finland

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Jaw-dropping, snow-covered scenery is everywhere you look in Finland and reindeer are a part of everyday life in this treasured Nordic winter wonderland. 


Reindeer safaris are the perfect activity for you to get a close understanding of these elegant creatures. 


Visit reindeer farms in areas like Jeris and Ranua, where you can also enjoy exciting Arctic activities like snowmobile rides, cozy overnight cabin stays and dog sledding excursions.


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