The ultimate Instagram guide to Venice

Packed full of picture-perfect gems, Europe’s Floating City is one of the most Instagrammable places on the planet. Clear your camera roll, hop in a gondola and glide through the city’s network of canals taking in the iconic sites that line the banks. Venice is ready for its close up and with our guide to the most Instagrammable spots in this cinematic city, you’re guaranteed to capture all its good sides. 

1. Bridge of Sighs – Piazza San Marco 1

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No matter what angle you see it from, the Bridge of Sighs is picture perfect. Supposedly so called for the role it played in the execution of prisoners, locals believe if you kiss underneath it your love will last forever. For the best shot (and to avoid the crowds) take your photo from the back of the bridge on one of the little ledges that jut out into the water. A spectacular piece of architecture, this structure is without doubt one of the most Instagrammable spots in Venice. 

2. Gondola Ride

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No Instagram guide to Venice would be complete without mentioning a gondola or two. Capture this bucket list experience while you cruise down the canals and take in the impressive buildings passing by on either side of you. For the optimum photo opportunities, take a gondola from the Rialto bridge so you can see the sights of the Grand Canal. Part and parcel of Venetian culture, the classic gondola pic is a must when visiting the Italian city. 

3. Burano Island

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Practically a giant rainbow come to life, the old fishing village of Burano is made for Instagram. Located forty minutes from the centre of Venice by boat, the area is home to a plethora of brightly coloured houses and a vibrant lace-making industry. Stop for a bite to eat at one of the many seafood restaurants and snap your OOTD shots against the backdrop of this quaint and colourful village. 

4. The Grand Canal

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Get your postcard picture of Venice from multiple vantage points along the city’s most important water corridor. Stand on the Rialto Bridge, hop in a gondola or perch on one of the surrounding walls for the ultimate shot of what makes Venice, well, Venice. A bustling hive of activity all hours of the day, wait for the sun to set and point your camera as the ornate buildings lining the banks, turn a shade of dusty orange. 

5. Rialto Bridge – Sestiere San Pole

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The oldest of the four bridges crossing the Venetian Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge is a major tourist attraction and coincidentally, one of the most Instagammable spots in Venice. For this one, it’s worth waking up that extra bit early to catch it before any of the tourists have crowded it. With so many people wanting pictures of the same thing, get creative with your angles and pose on the small pier right in front of the bridge – it’s usually empty. Alternatively, take your shot from inside a gondola. 

6. Saint Mark’s Basilica – Piazza San Marco 328

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Another one to see as the sun disappears, wait until evening time and head to the basilica for the ultimate sunset shot. Located in St. Mark’s Square, stand in the middle of the open space and capture the iconic flocks of pigeons against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most ornate basilicas. For equally stunning scenes, step inside and admire the intricate detailing of the interiors that are just as breath-taking. 

7. Doge’s Palace – Piazza San Marco 1

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Resembling something straight out of Grimm’s fairy tales, this gothic style palace is one of the main landmarks in Venice. Also found in St. Mark’s Square, the old seat of power is home to the largest oil painting in the world.  Catch a glimpse of old Venetian opulence and spend some time getting lost among the impressive collections of art work. Spellbindingly beautiful at any time of day, it’s not hard to see why the palace is one of the most Instagrammable places in Venice.

8. Little Canals

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As spectacular as the Grand Canal is, don’t neglect all the smaller water-ways that connect different areas in the city. Ideal for photos, many of the little canals scattered around Venice are less crowded meaning you won’t have to dodge tons of tourists. Watch as gondolas manoeuvre around each other and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. Off the beaten track, there are plenty of hidden bridges and picturesque balconies waiting to be discovered, so you never know what you might come across. 

10. San Polo

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It may be small but Venice’s oldest neighbourhood is bursting with charming features that’ll light up your lens. From tiny alleyways and canals to brightly painted ancient buildings, you’ll struggle to find a corner of this area that doesn’t make you want to whip out your camera. A combination of colourful buildings and various architectural styles combine to create the perfect candy-coloured backdrop..


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- Lucy Norris