5 of the best nightclubs in Berlin

If you’re a fan of Techno and partying until the sun comes up, your next city break has got to be Berlin. As one of the best clubbing cities in the world, you can bet that this location has anything and everything when it comes to a night on the town. Clubber culture is part of the furniture here and hidden away in abandoned factories you’ll find the world’s most coveted underground parties waiting for you to lose yourself in the music. With an overwhelming amount of choice, we’ve put together a list of the top five clubbing experiences in Berlin.

1. Berghain and Panorama Bar – Am Wriezener Bahnhof

berlin nightlife,  Best clubs in Berlin, Night scene in Berlin
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Dubbed as the ‘Church of Techno’, the hallowed halls of this abandoned powerplant are nightclub royalty and as the most exclusive venue in the city, are notoriously hard to enter. A short walk from Berlin Ostbahnhof main line railway station, the space is separated into two venues divided by a set of stairs. Globally renowned as the club with the best sound-system, a night in Berghain is something you’ll never forget and an experience to write home about if you’re so lucky as to be deemed worthy for entry. Featuring the best Techno DJ’s, test your stamina and party till the sun comes up. Panorama Bar offers a break from the mayhem with its joyful atmosphere and chilled vibes. The door policy of this industrial estate venue is so strict apps have been created to try and crack the entry code so don’t be disheartened if you get turned away, being in the queue is an achievement in itself!

2. SchwuZ – Rollbergstr. 26

berlin nightlife,  Best clubs in Berlin, Night scene in Berlin
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Finding its home in the old Kindl brewery, SchuwZ is one of the city’s longest standing dance venues and one of the best clubs in Berlin. Within its three rooms; the cathedral, bunker and salon, the club features a variety of mainstream and underground events from Thursday to Saturday. Promoting diversity in all aspects of society, the space regularly hosts different cultural events such as live speakers and poetry readings, when it’s not blasting all your favourite anthems. At almost forty years old, the venue also features a foosball and ping pong lounge and is a cool place to hang out and discover the hum of activism underneath the city.

3. Salon zur Wilden Renate – Alt – Stralau 70

berlin nightlife,  Best clubs in Berlin, Night scene in Berlin
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Roll up, roll up and spend the night partying in a circus. Renate is a local favourite featuring a large open air space, kitsch décor and tons of dancefloors hidden away as part of a real life labyrinth. Embrace the bizarre as you move to weird, trippy music and mingle with people from all walks of life. Located in an unrenovated apartment block across the river from Treptower Park, the club has three floors divided according to what music they play. A really cool feature of this place comes with their payment system. Trade in empty bottles and glasses in return for cash to spend on more drink – definitely a great place to come if your wallet is feeling under pressure. Make sure to revisit this one in summer when the outside area hosts incredible open air parties. 

4. Watergate – Falckensteinstr. 49

berlin nightlife,  Best clubs in Berlin, Night scene in Berlin
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A pioneer in the Berlin techno scene, Watergate is a more upscale joint overlooking the River Spree. Set on two levels the slick, stylish space hosts one of the best DJ line-ups and is a paradise for techno, electro and house music lovers. Head downstairs to the Water Floor and take in panoramic views over the river from its floor to ceiling glass windows. Step out onto the deck terrace and watch as the sun rises over Kreuzberg. Get into the party mood on the main floor which features one of the best known lighting systems copied all over the world. Dance underneath the coolest LED light displays in the city and enjoy the more classic approach to the Berlin nightlife scene. The club also owns a record label so you can continue the party at home with one of their CDs. 

5. Sisyphos Nightclub – Hauptstr. 15

berlin nightlife,  Best clubs in Berlin, Night scene in Berlin
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Step into Berlin’s very own all year round festival at Sisyphos club. Housed in an abandoned dog-biscuit factory, the large club and events venue hosts non-stop parties from Friday till Monday. Decorated to mimic a summer festival, the warehouse style venue features a main room blasting techno/techno-house DJs, a secondary dance room and a large outdoor garden complete with rustic debris and wrecked cars. The venue never announces its line-ups so clubbers can be surprised with some of the best international DJs on the night. Get your festival gear on and head to the party that never ends.


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- Lucy Norris