Date Night: Copenhagen

Explore Copenhagen

It’s your anniversary, your husband’s birthday, the celebration of her new job, or just any other reason to say I love you. What do you do?


Sure, you can book the standard night out but what if you could step it up a notch… tell him how much he means to you or tell her that she really is that special!


My husband and I have set out to explore Europe’s most exciting cities and hidden treasures to give you a tried and tested Date Night itinerary.

DATE NIGHT: Copenhagen


There is something beautiful in the simplicity of Copenhagen. The Danish capital is one of the greenest and most sustainable urban centres in the world but there is something about this effortless efficiency that also makes the city hip and cool.


From multi-coloured houses lining waterways, to state of the art cultural centres, world famous interior design and enough Michelin stars to light the night sky, Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia’s top cities.


Access to the city centre takes less than fifteen minutes by public transport. Once there, Copenhagen is compact and accessible making it easy to explore whether you’re going by foot, bike or catching a bus or metro. 


According to a recent UN World Happiness Report, Denmark was ranked number one in the world. Copenhagen is still one of the happiest cities out there and after visiting this amazing city, we now know why.

What to Do:


Is there nothing better than walking hand and hand with your love, admiring all that a city has to offer?  While you’re at it, check out these great sites!

Want culture?

Kronborg Castle is the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Denmark's National Museum in Copenhagen has exhibitions from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Danish History.

Want something different?

Check out Freetown Christiania. Established in 1971, this hippy neighbourhood is a green and car-free haven, best known for its “alternative” way of life. 


Want entertainment?

Check out what’s playing at the Royal Arena. The hottest bands and performers always include this Nordic hot spot on their tours so you might score tickets to a great show. Shout out to The Killers! 


Want to play?

National treasure Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 and is an international attraction.  Check out the park’s oldest and most popular ride, the wooden roller coaster built in 1914.  


Copenhagen is also home to the world’s oldest amusement park, there’s 431 years of history waiting for you at the Bakken.


Northern Europe’s largest aquarium is also located just one stop away from the airport. The Blue Planet is also home to one of our favorite marine creatures, the leafy sea horse.


Where to Eat:

If you love to eat (and eat well), Copenhagen is your city.


What might start out as a typical weekend city trip, will soon turn into a gastronomic journey that will leave your head spinning and taste buds begging for more.


This Scandinavian capital is home to 18 Michelin stars going to 15 different restaurants. 


From street hot dogs to fine dining, we did our best to eat our way through the city.



Unconventional and creative best describe the dining experience at Kokkeriet, who have won a Michelin star for it’s unique take on Danish cuisine. 


From the moment you enter the restaurant, you encounter a welcoming and professional staff, stylish yet cosy atmosphere and a sense of home- no matter how far you’ve come - is what you’ll find at this avant-garde eatery. 


Guests are presented with an array of dining options including their exceptional vegan and vegetarian menus.   And while traditions run deep, new innovation by Head Chef Morten Krogholm continually adds flair to the restaurants’ ever-evolving tasting menu.


Uniquely Kokkeriet has also aimed to trump up Tuesdays with its Tuesday Tastings.  Guests are invited to take part in the selection of new dishes and creations.  Be a critique for a day and have a progressive, exciting and enticing experience.


Kokkeriet sets out to be modern yet old-fashioned, innovative but traditional, decadent and minimalist, formal as well as down to earth.  It is all of these- and so much more!


Restaurant No 2:

For a romantic evening where stunning atmosphere and food go hand and hand, check out Restaurant No. 2. Overlooking the Harbour Bridge, No.2 is located in Christianshavn and is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. Pop open a bottle of Champagne and enjoy the endless visual pleasure of superbly designed dishes.


With its seasonal menus celebrating purity, freshness, and simplicity and its surprising selection of wines that focus on sustainable and meticulous practices, settle in at No. 2 for a meal, which offers a unique take on the Nordic kitchen. 

Where to Stay:


Tucked away down a cobblestoned alley, Hotel Kong Arthur is located right next to Peblinge So (the inner lakes of Copenhagen) and seven minutes from the central metro station Norreport, making it a perfect jumping off point to explore the city.


Come as a guest and leave as family is the slogan for the Hotel Kong Arthur and they speak the truth.  Walking into this and beautifully renovated residence, you feel instantly welcomed.  FYI, its comfortable lobby and inviting bar, just next to reception, offers a complimentary happy hour.


The rooms are spacious and modern with just a hint of the medieval theme that is carried throughout the hotel.  I’m told that no two rooms are decorated the same but we were very happy with ours.   And we must not be alone; Hotel Kong Arthur has won countless awards for being a top pick in Copenhagen.


P.S. The breakfast is incredible


- Karyn Gorman and Olav Adami