15 Packing Tricks You Need to Know Now

Let’s avoid this look at all costs. Nobody wants to go to these extremes to meet their baggage allowance…

Packing tips do's and don'ts

If you want to travel light, a little bit of organisation goes a long way. Check out these 15 packing dos and don’ts and look forward to less hassle the next time you fly:


Do make a list of everything you’re planning to pack so you can easily see what you have, what you still need to get before you go and what you can buy at your destination


Don’t take your entire shoe collection. Limit yourself to three pairs of shoes and wear the heaviest pair to the airport.

Do pack your shoes first, lining the sides of your case. Stuff your shoes with socks and smaller items of clothing, gadgets or jewellery. This will also prevent your shoes from losing their shape.


Don’t get footprints or other marks on your clothes – place your shoes inside a cloth/plastic bag before packing them. The free disposable shower caps provided at hotels are also perfect for separating your shoes from all the other items in your luggage.


Do pack your heaviest items (e.g. shoes, jeans) in the bottom of your wheelie suitcase. You’ll find it’s much easier to roll as the weight will be more evenly distributed.


Don’t waste unused space – roll your clothes instead of folding. They’ll wrinkle less and you’ll have much more room in your luggage to fit in any extras you pick up while you’re away.


Do make it easier to spot your checked-in luggage on the carousel, especially if your luggage is black, navy or grey (like 99.9% of the population). Add a colourful luggage tag or ribbon to the handle so that there’s no confusion on arrival.


Don’t keep all your packing space to yourself, especially if you’re travelling as a couple. Split your clothes between two pieces of luggage in case one of them gets lost in transit.


Do make a copy of your passport, driving licence and/or ID card and email them to yourself. It’s also a good idea to take photos of these and save them to the camera on your phone in case you don’t have internet access when you get to your destination.


Don’t let make-up or sunscreen leak inside your luggage and ruin your clothing. Secure the lids with clear tape or place a layer of cling-film between the lid and the bottle.


Do place essentials (pjs, toothbrush, toothpaste) at the top of your bag if you’re landing at night so you don’t have the hassle of unpacking everything when you arrive at your destination.


Don’t pack a rucksack in a rush. A little bit of forward planning will definitely pay off. Place heavy items in the middle of your rucksack, or as close to your back as possible – this will put less strain on your back when you’re walking. Follow the golden rule of rolling your clothes rather than folding. Not only will this give you more room, but you’ll also find that your clothes are less creased. At check-in, tie all rucksack straps together neatly to prevent them from getting tangled in the carousel when you land.


Do pack a lightweight, foldable bag inside your carry-on luggage.  If you’re asked to hand over your carry-on luggage to check-in crew at the last minute because the overhead lockers are full, you’ll have somewhere to stash your phone, e-reader, money, snacks and any other valuables you can’t live without during the flight. This small bag can then be placed under the seat in front of you.


Don’t forget your travel adaptor if you’re flying to European countries with different electrical sockets than at home.


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Bonus Tip: If you forget the adaptor plug for your phone, check the side or back of the TV at your accommodation for a USB port.  You should be able to plug your USB cable in and charge your phone from there.


Before you fly packing tips

- Fiona Hilliard