How to Pack for an Autumn Break

To roll or to fold…that is the question.


Who better to ask than those #trending jet-setters who’ve made a career out of packing with precision. Be selfie ready for your autumn break with these tips and tricks from some of Europe’s leading fashion bloggers.


Erika Fox: “Choose Your Shoes Wisely”

“I’m heading to London for a weekend break this autumn. To save space when packing, I’m planning each of my outfits in advance. This ensures that I don’t bring all the ‘extra/just-in-case stuff’ that I definitely won’t need.


My tip for packing cosmetics is invest in a handy travel set – it will be a lifesaver!


When travelling with carry-on luggage I usually try to pack a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes (one pair of flats, one pair of heels) because they really add to the weight.


Also, it’s always good to pick up some makeup in the duty-free when you’re on your way. Such good value!


My ultimate packing rule is…plan everything in advance because if you don’t that’s when you will over pack.”


Tip by Dublin fashion blogger Erika Fox from Retro Flame. For more travel fashion tips, follow Retro Flame on Instagram @retroflame

Beth Norton: “Pack Ironed Items Last”

“My next weekend trip away will be in autumn, when I’m headed to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. Packing for Fashion Week forces you to be super savvy about what you take – only the essentials.


I will probably travel in a maxi-length tailored coat, as this is one of my staple pieces for autumn but something that will take up far too much space in my suitcase. I will also take my biggest bag as hand luggage and wear boots if I plan to take them, to prevent my case from being too heavy.


To save space when packing, I roll up knitwear and any items that don’t crease easily and slot them in between folded-up tailored pieces.


Anything I’ve just ironed before I leave lies flat on the very top to keep it in crisp condition (and to prevent me having to iron it again when I arrive!)


And cosmetics? Always in my hand luggage for any emergency top-ups when I land! I’ll also slip in a pair of flats in case I have to walk a little way to the hotel.


My ultimate packing rule is never leave it until the last minute. Travelling can be tiring as it is so make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you fly.”


Tip by London fashion blogger Beth Norton. For more travel fashion tips, follow Beth Norton on Instagram @beth_Norton

Haleigh Walsworth: “Accessorise Neutrals”

“Try sticking  to a neutral colour palette so that you keep your packing simple, but make sure all your pieces match. It doesn’t mean you have to dress boring through! Throw in a few small and colourful accessories like a hat, scarf, or awesome shades to liven up your outfits.”


Tip by Paris fashion blogger, Haleigh Walsworth from Making Magique.  For more travel fashion tips, follow Haleigh on Instagram @makingmagique


Tatyana Bugayeva: “Wear Heavy Basics”

“My next weekend trip away is to my hometown Tallinn, Estonia this autumn and I’m already thinking what to take with me and how much space I need for bringing back souvenirs for my friends and family.


When it comes to packing for a weekend break away, I always think packing light, but smart is key – weather will play a huge role on my packing choices.


It’s really important to find that perfect comfortable, (typically) early morning plane journey outfit. I usually wear stretchy black jeans, a comfy knit and black flats or ankle boots for extra comfort.


Choosing neutral colours for my travel look means I can wear each item separately with any other colours during my weekend away, which ultimately means I can save tons of space in the luggage for an evening dinner look and a few more casual day-time pieces.


Shoes can take up a lot of space in the carry-on-luggage, so I try to stick to one pair of black or nude high heels and sometimes bring another pair of very light flats, trainers or sandals with me, but it all depends on how much walking I’ll be doing.


My three autumn essentials are definitely block heeled 70s ankle boots that are trendy but also very comfortable for long walks, a comfy knitted poncho (I use it as a blanket on the plane) and a good suede handbag big enough to fit an extra pair of shoes in it and all my cosmetics, but folds nicely into a suitcase too.


So my ultimate packing rule is wear your main heavy basics such as jeans, ankle boots, poncho and a jumper for travelling and only bring cosmetics you are actually going to use.


I try to visit my favourite make-up brands before the journey, ask for some samples and voila – more space saved!”


Tip by Glasgow fashion blogger Tatyana Bugayeva