Legoland Billund: What to Know Before You Go

Fact: If all the Lego minifigures in the world got together there’d be over 4 billion of them and they’d make up the world’s largest population.


Invented in the small Danish town of Billund in 1932, the plastic yellow people have come a long way from the humble workshop of a local carpenter. To this day, Billund is still the global headquarters of the toy company, the Lego factory as well as Legoland, where kids of all ages can get to grips with 9 themed Lego ‘lands’, 4 roller-coasters, 2 water rides and over 40 other attractions built from some 60 million bricks.   Set in a country that consistently tops lists of ‘world’s happiest nations’, it’s fair to say Legoland in Billund is up there as one of the best places on earth to take kids. Check out our tips and feedback from a family who recently visited:

A Family Trip to Legoland Billund

A Family Trip to Legoland Billund
Plastic fantastic: The entrance of Legoland, Billund

The Severens family recently travelled to Billund with their two children aged four and seven. We caught up with them to find out more about their trip, here’s their verdict:

legoland collage
Duploland- where everything is awesome

“Legoland Billund is the perfect choice for families like us who are not big fans of crowds or commercialism. The Duplo imaginative playground was one amazing discovery after another for our 4-year old who had fun playing shopkeeper one minute and a fire-fighter the next.  But what I loved most about Legoland is that there was so much to do for younger children.


The Imagination Zone, Miniland and Duplo Land are perfect for babies and children up to four years of age. While kids between 4 and 8 will enjoy the attractions of the Legoredo town, Pirate Land and Knight’s Kingdom, Polar Land is suited to slightly older children.


As soon as you enter the park, you’ll notice Miniland all around your feet with its miniature buildings, trains and boats, all made of Lego. Duplo Land, the next zone, is just perfect for toddlers, with its cute Duplo playground and tiny tricycles. These zones will keep young kids busy all morning. Our 4-year old and 7-year old rode the Duplo merry go round again and again. And again. And after that, they made a beeline for the Duplo train. A bit further into the park, the zones appeal mostly to children 4 years and up.


We just loved the Pirate Splash Battle, pirate boats and Lego canoe. Knight’s Kingdom has more kid-friendly roller-coasters and there’s the wonderful Viking River splash. The ride our kids enjoyed most was The Temple Treasure Hunt.  We also took part in the Falck Fire Brigade challenge and competed against other families to be the fastest and best fire brigade.


We skipped Polar Land, since its activities were only accessible for taller children. We stayed 2 nights at a hotel in nearby Grindsted, but if you have younger children who are in the habit of taking day-time naps,  there is plenty of other accommodation on site: Lalandia offers holiday homes, there’s a Legoland hotel too. We loved Legoland and Denmark and will definitely come back for a longer stay.”


Rafke Seversen blogs about family travel at Expedition Family Travel

Six Essential Legoland Tips

Legoland essential tips
The iconic Miniland
  •  Families who book tickets online in advance can take advantage of discounts and avoid long queues at the entrance during busy times.
  •  If you’re planning a trip to Legoland over the summer months, the end of August is a quieter time to visit as Danish children are back at school and queues are much shorter.
  • Book a two-day ticket if you can, you’ll be less pressured to see everything in one day  (and it will be easier to keep everyone happy).
  • Restaurants and cafés are usually less busy between 11.30 – 12.30.  Take an early lunch and beat the crowds. Alternatively, bring a packed lunch, the event area next to Polar Land is the perfect place to take a break.
  • If you arrive early in the morning, start your tour at the back of the park and save seeing Mini Boats, Lego Safari, Legotop Caterpillar and Ghost – The Haunted House until later in the day.
  • To avoid tears and disappointment, check the age and height restrictions for each attraction on the Safe & Fun signs before you commit to queuing.

How to Get to Legoland Billund

Legoland is located just 3km from Billund airport. Renting a car or taking a taxi? You’ll reach the park in just 5 minutes. Between June and August, there is a free shuttle bus from Billund airport to and from Legoland. If travelling by rail from other parts of Denmark including Copenhagen and Arhus, the closest station is Vejle. Outside the station, there are buses marked Legoland to take day-trippers to and from the park. Luggage can be stored in lockers at the entrance to Legoland.


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- Fiona Hilliard