10 must sees in and around Brive – Vallée de la Dordogne

Welcome to Brive, a small yet lively medieval town nestled in the Dordogne valley in the south-west of France. Its rich history and exceptional gastronomy experience makes this corner of France one of the most sought after destinations for holidaymakers, year in year out.


Buckle up and enjoy the ride whilst we explore together the ins and outs of this charming region.  

1. Where to stay

Photo: Donna Tzaneva

Before setting off to explore, we recommend tucking into a full French breakfast at ‘Le Miel des Muses’ or even better, staying there a night or two. This centrally located boutique hotel is the way forward for those wanting a cosy homely feel with a subtle touch of luxury. The open plan spacious bathroom and its freestanding bathtub is pure bliss after a day exploring the Dordogne. 

2. Musée Edmont-Michelet

Swap the great outdoors for an hour or two indoors and sharpen your knowledge of World War Two history with a visit to the Edmont Michelet Museum. Founded by Edmont Michelet himself, a key resister who survived the concentration camp at Dachau, this museum is sure to provide you with an authentic and unique insight into the past.

3. House of Denoix

Photo: Donna Tzaneva

Experience something unique and traditional by visiting the House of Denoix – a family run distillery specialising in liquor made from walnuts paired with a carefully selected combination of spices creating an exclusive beverage. The house of Denoix prides itself on using the same recipes from back when it first was established, a good couple of hundred years ago.

4. Les pans de Travassac

Photo: Donna Tzaneva

Enjoy the warm sunshine whilst taking a guided tour to Pans de Travassac – an area where slate rock has been extracted and used for building houses and buildings for centuries. Learn about this particular artisanal craft and get up-close and personal with a genuine slate worker that’ll happily talk you through how slate is extracted, refined and used nowadays. Wander around the park and admire impressive formations of slate cliffs and exclusive views from above.

5. Château de Turenne

Photo: Donna Tzaneva

Experience unforgettable views over the Castle of Turenne, a 20-minute drive from Brive. Fully immerse yourself in breath-taking countryside and picture perfect backdrops whilst exploring the narrow roads and streets of Brive’s nearby villages. You can opt to join a walking tour around one of the many castles nearby or choose to admire their beauty from a distance. 

6. Musée Labenche

Step back in time with the extensive collection at Musee Labenche. Discover the diverse exhibitions; from Art to History and all in between, through an array of perfectly kept visual productions and memorabilia. 

7. Drink like a local

Photo: Donna Tzaneva

It goes without saying that, when in France, drink wine. Lots of it! After all, there’s no better place in the world to quench your thirst with a glass of wine than in the French Dordogne countryside surrounded by rich history, beautiful natural backdrops and most importantly, good company. Deepen your knowledge by heading to the Cave of Coteaux de la Vezere, a small vineyard and distillery co-operative producing one of the finest wines in the area. 

8. Grottes de Saint-Antoine

Take a small detour and head to the grounds of the Saint Antoine Grottes.  Relax and rejuvenate after a fast pasted day, whilst taking in all the magnificent sights and sounds from this sacred place. 

9. Chocolaterie Lamy

Deepen your gastronomic experience and satisfy your sweet tooth by popping by the renowned artisan Chocolatier Lamy, located right in the heart of Brive. Take a brief tour and get up close and personal with the in-house chocolate production process. Time on your hands,? Join a full day workshop that’ll intricately show you the ins and outs of this culinary trade, making you feel like a master chef in no time.  

10. Brive market

Photo: Donna Tzaneva

Shop till you drop at Brive’s Saturday food market – a true foodie’s utopia.  From fresh fruit and vegetables to exotic spices, baguettes from the local boulangerie paired with artisan goats cheese,  you’ll be sure to satisfy all your French gourmet cravings. Just be sure to go on an empty stomach!


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- Donna Tzaneva