11 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik

As soon as you lay eyes on its burnt orange rooftops and shimmering turquoise waters, you’ll understand why Dubrovnik is such a hotspot for city breakers and holidaymakers. Long regarded as the jewel of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, Dubrovnik is the ideal destination for history buffs, adventure seekers, and foodies. Here’s our pick of the 11 best things to do in Dubrovnik.

1. Karmen Apartments

Things to do in Dubrovnik Karmen Apartments
Marc makes you feel right at home. Image via facebook.com/Karmen-Apartments-189987891023807

Family owned and operated, Karmen Apartments are located right in the heart of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Just around the corner from the town’s main square, these apartments are the perfect base from which to explore everything Dubrovnik has to offer.


Marc, the owner is full of stories and tips on things to do in Dubrovnik off the beaten track. Karmen Apartments are a wonderful place to stay, but for more hotels and great value places to stay in Dubrovnik, check out Ryanair Rooms.

2. City Walls

Things to do in Dubrovnik City Walls
Walk the City Walls. Image via iStock: Greg Sullavan

Probably Dubrovnik’s most iconic sight, the city walls provide an incredible 360° view of the town and its surrounding islands. Tickets for tours start at around 200kn (roughly €30) with a number of different options available.


Game of Thrones fans will especially love the tour devoted to the show, as well as the Kings Landing and Iron Throne tour. Tickets and more information are available online here

3. Cultural Historical Museum

Things to do in Dubrovnik Cultural History Museum
Rector's Palace. Image via iStock: OGphoto

Located in Rector’s Palace, a beautiful Gothic style building with distinct Renaissance and Baroque features, the Cultural Historical Museum of Dubrovnik gives a fascinating insight into the town’s history.


Furniture and paintings dating from between the 16th and 19th centuries are on display, as well as dungeons and court rooms. It’s definitely worth checking out. Tickets cost just 40kn, roughly €5.

4. Explore the Old Town

Things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town
Stroll through the Old Town. Image via iStock: emicristea

The Old Town has a buzzing atmosphere with people from all walks of life soaking up the sunshine and exploring what Dubrovnik has to offer. You’ll find restaurants down every side street as well as jaw-dropping views of the Adriatic Coastline. Go for a stroll and get a real feel for the town.

5. Eat

Things to do in Dubrovnik Seafood
Seafood specialists. Image via iStock: plrphoto

One of the best things to do in Dubrovnik is eat.  Dubrovnik is a coastal town, so it’s no surprise that seafood features heavily on most menus. Restaurant Dubrovnik is a great place to go for dinner, they have something for everyone.


Vegans and vegetarians should definitely check out Nishta. This quaint restaurant has a delicious new menu every day. Walk around the Old Town and you’re guaranteed to find somewhere new to eat each night. Dubrovnik is heaven for foodies.

6. Lokrum

Things to do in Dubrovnik Lokrum
Take a trip to Lokrum. Image via iStock: istankov

Just a short ferry ride away from Dubrovnik’s Old Town is Lokrum – a beautiful island with lots to see and do. Hike along the coast and revel in the gorgeous scenery, see the ruins of the medieval Benedictine Monastery, or soak up the sun on one of its many beaches. You can also swim or snorkel along the coast. A trip to Lokrum should be top of your list of things to do in Dubrovnik.

7. Maritime Museum

Things to do in Dubrovnik Maritime Museum
Learn about Dubrovnik's seafaring past. Image via iStock: Ellica_S

Shipbuilding and sailing have played an important part in making Dubrovnik the place it is today. A visit to the Maritime Museum is a must to learn more about Dubrovnik’s seafaring past. Inside you’ll find ship models, maritime paintings and the history of navigation.

8. Dubrovnik Cathedral

Things to do in Dubrovnik Cathedral
Iconic. Image via iStock: seregalsv

An iconic building in the heart of the Old Town, Dubrovnik Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist sites in Dubrovnik. Beautiful inside and out, the cathedral dates back to the 7th century. Along with its historic roots, Dubrovnik Cathedral is also home to a gold-adorned interior and decadent frescoes. 

9. St John Fortress

Things to do in Dubrovnik Fort of St. John
Protecting the city. Image via iStock: IVANVIEITO

Once used as a lookout  to protect the city’s harbour, the Fort of St John is now home to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium. Some of the canons atop the fort were taken to Vienna during Austria’s occupation of Dubrovnik, but you can find the remaining ones along the City Walls.

10. Kayaking

Things to do in Dubrovnik Kayaking
Get active in Dubrovnik. Image via iStock: dinosmichail

Rent a kayak from the harbour and embark on a journey along the Adriatic Coast to see Dubrovnik from a different perspective. 

11. Relax on the Beach

Things to do in Dubrovnik Banje Beach
Banje Beach. Image via iStock: xbrchx

Dubrovnik isn't just for city breakers, it’s also a great destination for those in search of a sunshine holiday. Temperatures sizzle in the summer months and there are plenty of beaches to soak up the sun and relax. Banje Beach is the most central and popular beach but there are many more, especially on the town’s surrounding islands. Be warned - some of the beaches are for naturalists so keep an eye out for the FKK signs.



Dubrovnik has something for everyone. History, food, and adventure in the glorious Croatian sun – there’s no doubt you’ll find lots of great things to do in Dubrovnik during your stay.


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- Seán Walsh