11 Cities as Low Cost as Our Flights

There is nothing worse than paying over the odds for a city break away in Europe. Ryanair offers Europe’s cheapest flights across the continent and below you’ll find some cities that won’t break the bank once you get there.


Kraków prides itself on being an affordable destination in the heart of Eastern Europe. The Polish city welcomes tourists from all across the continent and has an array of fun attractions at fair prices. Visit the creative neighbourhood of Kazimierz, travel back in time to Soviet-era Poland with a Nowa Huta car tour and explore the Market Square. Still want to save? Wawel Castle has free entry, while the views atop Krakus Mound will also set you back nothing. Discover 7 of the best things to do in Kraków.


If the word ‘free’ is music to your ears then Vilnius is not to be missed either. The quaint Lithuanian capital has a bunch of free tourist attractions and plenty more which will give you bang for your buck. Take advantage of the three-hour Vilnius Free Walking Tour. Stroll up to Gediminas Tower for some killer views or go for a Self-Guided Street Art Walking Tour — all for zilch. Discover 7 of the coolest cafés in Vilnius.


Bucharest will help keep your wallet in your pocket too. Nicknamed the ‘new Berlin’ as one of Europe’s hippest locations, you can enjoy a night on the town at an affordable price here. Hotels, hostels and AirBnB are available at any price range in this up-and-coming city, while food and drink in Romania (as well as entertainment and nightlife) are also big money-savers. Find out more about Bucharest.


Trust us, your budget will stretch far and wide once you land in Riga. Alcohol is cheap wherever you go (we’ll drink to that!) and you can easily eat lunch for under €5 per person too. Accommodation can vary across the city, but you’ll make up those costs with the cheap public transport. Buses and trams bring you everywhere you need to go, whether an afternoon shopping at Central Market, or a canal boat tour across the Daugava River. Learn about Riga’s famous Christmas market here.


Bratislava has a lot of competition as a travel destination because it’s situated between hot-spots like Prague, Vienna and Budapest. An under-rated location in the heart of Slovakia based along the River Danube, it is a perfect budget-friendly trip to Central Europe, especially for students. There are a bunch of free walking tours, food won’t cost you a fortune and beer is even cheaper than in Prague. Find out how to make the most of a trip to Bratislava.


Travel a little bit further east until you reach Kyiv and you’ll discover another brilliant destination for a week away which won’t break the bank.  Hydropark is easy to reach via metro and here you can swim in the famous River Dnieper and show off that summer bod at Kyiv’s intriguing outdoor gym. Food and drink are more than affordable, which is great news because there’s a thriving counterculture nightlife in Kyiv. Learn about Kyiv’s hidden gems here.


Estonia has an eventful history and this can be seen all throughout its stunning capital Tallinn. Incredibly, Tallinn has managed to preserve its structure of medieval and Hanseatic origin and the Old Town has been credited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its beautiful Christmas Market is famous throughout Europe and is a must during the festive period. Check out our Big Fat Christmas Market Guide here.


Prague is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Millions of tourists visit the Czech Republic’s capital every single year and that’s because Prague has an excellent nightlife, delicious food and jaw-dropping architecture. A boiling pot of art, Gothic buildings and quirky bars, Prague is a city which has something for everyone while prices still remain affordable. Planning your hen or stag do in Prague? Learn more here.


Looking to let loose and party in Europe while on a budget? Then Athens is the place to be. There is a hotbed of awesome clubs throughout the Greek Islands. You can watch the sunrise over the Acropolis (clubs don’t close until the sun comes up!) and enjoy an array of cheap beer and spirits. Beautiful Athens has a wonderful combination of warm weather, cheap alcohol and a party atmosphere to match. Learn more about Athens here.


Rather chill out and relax while on your low-cost break away? Sofia is the perfect spot for you. Bulgaria’s pride and joy has an array of parks and hiking treks plus a ton of restaurants serving up fresh Balkan cuisine (tarator and banitsa are Bulgarian favourites). Sofia is famous for its wonderful parks where live music, outdoor cinemas and puppet theatres are incredibly popular and — most importantly — very affordable. Find out 7 reasons why Instagram loves Sofia.


Slovakia’s second-biggest city Košice is a hidden gem within Central Europe. This pretty little destination is dotted with murals, paintings and wall art. Chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2013, it is a scenic spot with plenty to offer for a quiet, chilled out trip away. A beautiful country so often overlooked, Slovakia is one of Europe’s cheapest destinations. Read an enthusiast’s guide to the city’s art here and check out where to drink the best coffee in Košice.

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