Hiking, skiing, thermal baths: 7 ways to stay entertained in Sondrio

If fun afternoons filled with snowboarding, skiing, canoeing and thermal baths sound good to you, then the snowy, mountainous province of Sondrio is a must visit.

Relax and unwind at the thermal baths

The crown jewel of Sondrio has got to be its famous thermal baths, located in the small town of Bormio right alongside the border of the Italian Alps.


There are a number of different Roman baths available, but Bagni Vecchi Spa undoubtedly has the best views peering out into the snowy mountainside.


They offer both indoor and outdoor baths and provide an array of different treatments like saunas, jacuzzis, waterfalls and ice baths. The perfect way to unwind in luxurious surroundings.

Explore Piazza Garibaldi

If you’re looking for somewhere to chill out with interesting views, historical sites and plenty of entertaining bars and restaurants, then Piazza Garibaldi is the perfect spot.


Located in Sondrio’s older district, the square features the Garibaldi statue, Garibaldi Theatre, the Geological Museum and an array of ice cream shops, cafés and boutiques.


The mountain views are picturesque around Piazza Garibaldi and it’s an ideal location to unwind in the centre of this intimate Italian town.

Enjoy authentic, locally produced Pizzoccheri

Sondrio is known for its winter sports and it’s easy to build up an appetite letting loose with skiing and hiking across its picturesque mountainsides.


Thankfully it has the perfect, hearty dish to fill you up afterwards. Pizzoccheri is a delicious type of flat-ribbon pasta which is covered in cheese and served with potatoes and cabbage.


This special type of tagliatelle originates from the valley of Valtellina, located on the Swiss border, and is a favourite rustic dish enjoyed by locals in the mountain villages of Sondrio.

Spend an afternoon skiing in the Alps

Sondrio is famous for its excellent slopes and snowy peaks. It’s the perfect location for a range of different ski resorts on the border of the Italian Alps.


There are four different ski zones in the valley of Valtellina (Upper Valtellina, Aprica, Valchiavenna and Valmalenco) which each feature a range of exciting slopes and thrilling descents. Valtellina will help host the 2026 Winter Olympics.


Bormio’s Stelvio Slope, which is one of the most technical and difficult tracks in the world, will host the alpine skiing events in 2026. The town of Livigno, based about an hour away, will also host snowboarding and freestyle skiing events.


Activities like snowboarding, ice skating and skiing (cross-country, downhill and alpine) are popular and available all year round. The mountainous areas are also used for cycling, canoeing and hiking during the summer.

Cycle through Stelvio National Park

Enjoy Sondrio’s enchanting nature with a visit to Stelvio National Park, which is a protected area in Bormio located in the centre of the Italian Alps.


It borders the Swiss National Parks and, combined, they cover 400,000 hectares of protected natural environment.


Passo dello Stelvio, a high-altitude mountain pass, offers captivating views of the snowy mountain peaks all around. As the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, it is also a popular destination for cyclists.


One of the largest national parks in Europe, Stelvio is home to wildlife like deer, marmots and and hawks, plus an array of rare flora which gives the landscape an alluring glow as you pass through.

Go for a day trip to Bormio

With a population of just over 4,000 people, Bormio is one of Lombardy’s most under-rated, hidden gems.


An intriguing little town located right beside the Alps, its natural beauty and array of stunning lakes, forests and hiking trails means you won’t be spending too much time indoors.


If spending hours hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling and snowboarding is music to your ears, then you’ve come to the right place in Bormio.


The 13k cycling route along Lake Cancano is a bucket-list dream for any cycling enthusiast. The trek is demanding, but the views of the crystal-clear blue waters below make it all worthwhile.

Explore the outdoors with hiking, canoeing and rafting

There are almost 300 different trails throughout the province of Sondrio, catering to hiking experts and beginners alike.


Outdoor enthusiasts can explore this remote little corner of Lombardy, whether they are professional hikers or just curious explorers with little experience and plenty of enthusiasm.


For more fun outdoors, canoeing, rafting and fishing along the Valtellina and the Adda Rivers and by Sommasassa Lake are other great options for visitors.

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