The most exciting team building activities in Europe

A happy team is a productive team. Here are some of the most fun team building holiday activities that will perfect your workplace chemistry.

1. The Chamber Escape Game (Prague, Czech Republic)

Prague is a beautiful city that’s shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It’s got excellent tourist attractions like Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, plus a lively nightclub scene.


But it’s also home to a ton of spooky sites and activities, like the Chamber Escape Game at Petrské Square. This is a fun, eerie activity for a team bonding weekend away, and it’s regarded as one of the best escape games anywhere in Europe.


Participants are locked inside a stylish 1800's office of famous Czech writers and travellers who have very dark secrets. You’ve got 60 minutes to escape and will need to use logic, common sense and teamwork to figure everything out.


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2. Formula One Italian Grand Prix (Monza, Italy)

Image credit: iStock/Onfokus

For an unforgettable weekend away for you and your team, check out one of the biggest sporting events in Italy. The Italian Grand Prix is a thrilling, spine-tingling experience.


Formula One enthusiasts from all over the world descend upon the pretty, green city of Monza each September. You’ll have a front row seat as stars like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel strut their stuff on the fastest racetrack in the entire world.


Whether you’re a bona fide F1 expert or a newbie, you’ll be guaranteed an action-packed weekend. The incredible noise and electrifying atmosphere of visiting Monza is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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3. Sailing Regatta (Barcelona, Spain)

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There are very few activities that require as much dedicated teamwork as sailing. Head to Catalonia and you can enjoy a thrilling weekend taking part in Barcelona’s famous Sailing Regatta.


You’ll need to be able to make decisions quickly, display leadership and, most importantly, be a team-player as your group battles unpredictable winds and tides under the warm glow of the Mediterranean sun.


The Sailing Regatta normally lasts around three hours and is highly competitive as teams face off against one another for the winners’ medals. Prices start at just €118 per person.


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4. Spy School (London, England)

Image credit: iStock/Motortion

Do you and your work colleagues fancy yourselves a group of wannabe detectives? Great! At Spy School you can live out your fantasies of becoming a real-world spy just like 007.


After arriving at a top-secret M16 location in London, teams will undergo an intense one-day course.


You’ll all be trained in the clandestine arts of the intelligence services with a variety of spy-themed activities that include marksmanship, specialist driving challenges and hand-to-hand combat.


Sniper shooting, crossbows, fire-building and laser mazes are all on the agenda here.


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5. Husky sled safari (Helsinki, Finland)

Image credit: iStock/Octavian Burcu

If your company wants to experience a team bonding trip to remember (and isn’t averse to some snow and cold weather), then Finland has got the answer.


After touching down in Helsinki, you and your colleagues can enjoy an unforgettable safari trip passing through picturesque, snowy villages on sleds pulled by adorable huskies.


Make your way up north towards Lapland where you’ll stay overnight in an igloo, unwinding with a bottle of wine and some traditional Finnish cuisine. A truly authentic Nordic excursion guaranteed to bring your team closer together.


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