10 Photos That’ll Make You Want to Book Flights to Croatia

 Attention: Serious wanderlust ahead. Check out these 10 sights for sore eyes, then get ready to grab your passport and pack your bags – Croatia is waiting…

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Image via iStock: aeduard

Just look at this place…the mere sight of the lakes cascading into each other will make you feel like you’ve entered Eden.


Plitvice Lakes National Park is about half way between Zadar and Rijeka and is a protected area that covers almost 300 square kilometres of Croatia. It really is every bit as beautiful as it looks in pictures. #NoFilter necessary.

Zlatni Rat Beach

Image via iStock: mbbirdy

Zlatni Rat beach is a beautiful spit of land on the Dalmatian island of Brač in the sunny south of Croatia. Think white pebbles, bright sunshine, and the clearest blue sea you could dream of swimming in. Fair warning, it’s a busy spot. But that’s because it’s gorgeous.

Sea Organ

Image via iStock: xbrchx

Right at the top of the Zadar peninsula you’ll find this beautiful light installation by architect Nikola Bašic.


During the day it looks like – and is – nothing more than a giant collection of solar panels. But when the sun goes down it transforms into a 77ft wide multicoloured light show.


Image via iStock: dennisvdw

Karlobag is a gorgeous coastal region on the Adriatic coast, overlooking the island of Pag. It’s worth going here for the beautiful sunsets alone…

Dubovac Castle

Image via iStock: Boris25

We don’t know exactly what’s going on in this picture of Dubovac Castle, but we know we want to be there.


Dubovac castle is in the Karlovac region of central Croatia (close to the Slovenian border), where in addition to mysterious and dramatic lightning, you’ll find castles, fortresses, and perfect rivers for kayaking and white water rafting.


Image via iStock: Siegfried Schnepf

As cities go, Dubrovnik is an absolute beauty. Perched right on the edge of the Adriatic sea, the Old Town is about as enchanting as a place can be. Eat lots of seafood while you’re there. And take pictures like this to make everyone jealous.

All Those Pure Shores

Image via iStock: SimonSkafar

Wherever you go, and whatever you do when you go to Croatia, make some time to do this. Just find a beautiful stretch of water, sit down in it, and do absolutely nothing for a while…

Kornati Islands National Park

Image via iStock: xbrchx

The Kornati archipelago is in northern Dalmatia. 140 islands stretch over 22 miles, punctuating that deep cobalt blue of the Mediterranean.


More than half of the islands and the water and reefs surrounding them – the whole southern part of the archipelago – have been designated as a protected national park.

Paklenica National Park

Image via iStock: diamirstudio

Paklenica National Park is yet another of Croatia’s many, many outlandishly beautiful areas.


It’s under an hour away from Zadar airport, and when you get there you’ll find idyllic little streams, valleys, super-dramatic rock faces, waterfalls, and sunsets like this. Meet you there, yeah?


Image via iStock: GitoTrevisan

Beautiful Pag, home to lovely Novalja and its spectacular sunsets. If you need a little more action than a setting sun then don’t worry, because Novalja is also a full-on party destination that’ll keep you entertained long after the sun goes down.


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- Dee Murray