Europe's best sunsets to experience in 2020

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. Looking to enjoy the view? Here’s where you can experience the most beautiful sunsets this summer across the continent.


The Catalonian capital has the best of both worlds: a slick, modern city and some of the most beautiful sunny beaches anywhere in Spain. During summer months, the sun doesn’t set in Barcelona until after 9pm. Take a cable car ride up to Castillo de Montjuic (a former military fortress) where you’ll enjoy the best views of the city… and a blissful Spanish sunset.


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A destination that should be on everybody’s bucket list, sun-drenched Malta is a tiny island gem. Here summers are long and hot, the country has a welcoming local vibe (its population is less than half a million) and its dreamy sunsets along the walled city of Valletta are to die for. 


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This northwest coastal gem is teeming with pretty cafés and colourful buildings along its hilly, cobblestoned streets. Head to Porto to experience a glorious, glowing sunset down by the medieval Ribeira district.


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One of the most enchanting Greek islands, Santorini has a unique allure. Watching the sun slowly descend around perfect, whitewashed buildings and picture perfect coastal scenery is an absolute treat.


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A nature lover’s paradise, Alghero is well known for fun water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and dolphin watching. This Italian island is awash with beautiful outdoor landscapes and watching the sun go down at Lido beach, Capo Caccia and Blau Skybar is a real treat.


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If you want to experience a properly romantic sunset, then there’s no better place on earth than Venice. It might be a well-worn cliché, but there’s still something really magical about sailing down the city’s famous canals in a gondola watching the evening sun go down.


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Get ready to be thoroughly seduced by the City of Delights – and it didn’t earn its nickname for nothing. It really is full of them, and we don’t just mean the pastry-based delights that you’ll see in every café in the city. Palermo’s delights lie in its beautiful architecture, an intoxicating blend of Arabic, Roman, Greek, Norman, and Byzantine influences. An ideal getaway to sit back, relax and watch the sun go down.


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