Ryanair Stories: Date Night Amsterdam


It’s your anniversary, your husband’s birthday, the celebration of her new job, or just any other reason to say I love you.  What do you do?  Sure, you can book the standard dinner out but what if you could step it up a notch….tell him how much he means to you or her that she really is thatspecial!


My husband and I have set out to explore Europe’s most exciting cities and hidden treasures to give you a tried and tested Date Night itinerary that will blow your loved one out of the water.  It’s a tough assignment, but we’re willing to go the extra mile for you!


“But wait?” you might say. “I live in London; I can’t just pop over to Amsterdam for my anniversary?”  In the words of the former US president Barack Obama: YES YOU CAN!



If you fly cheaply, travel becomes simple (thank you Ryanair) leaving you with plenty of money to blow on a little luxury, as we recently found out on a trip to Amsterdam.

Date Night Amsterdam

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind about the city of Amsterdam? Sex, drugs and rock and roll… perhaps tulips?  Well that’s exactly what we’re going to suggest… with a twist

SEX (Actually… Romance)

Set the mood with a truly spectacular place to stay.  Amsterdam is full of amazing hotels.  From small boutique hotels to fun and funky houseboats; no matter what you like, there’s definitely a place to make you feel right at home.


That’s how I felt upon walking into the Seven One Seven Hotel, located on one of the city centre’s most beautiful canals (Prinsegracht 717). That is, if my home was an impeccably decorated house with a roaring fireplace, elegance and warmth embedded into every detail and a smiling receptionist ready to fulfil my every wish.


After a glass of champagne in the hotel’s beautiful lobby, we were ushered to our suite appropriately named, the Dickens (there are 9 period style rooms).  I felt inspired.  I also felt like I didn’t want to move for the rest of the night.  But although the room oozed romance, we had dinner reservations and so we left this little slice of heaven…. reluctantly.

DRUGS: (Or as we like to call them… fantastic food and wine)

Michelin starred restaurants are actually quite plentiful in Amsterdam so you don’t have to look far for a place to indulge your taste buds.  We made reservations at &samhoud places and stepped inside chef Moshik’s world.  Inspired by world flavours and cuisines, each plate of the tasting menu took our senses on a global journey.


Overlooking the Easter Docks, we had dazzling views of the centre city thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, which enclosed the space.  From appetizer to entrée, we were surprised by new combination of tastes and textures.  Also noteworthy was the creative use of wine pairing which was just as inventive and exotic as the cuisine.  Bravo!


Tip:  Walking back to our hotel at night we got lost in the magic of the city: the tree filled parks, the canals, the soft yellow glow from the street lamps and the crooked yet picturesque buildings lined one after another.  Like the food at &samhoud places, all the ingredients of this wonderful city contributed to an absolutely fabulous night.  My husband even surprised me with a bouquet of tulips waiting in our room when we returned.  Nice touch Olav!

Rock and Roll

On the other side of the canal, you’ll find a hidden gem called Bourbon Street. This bar boasts a fantastic band playing some of your favourite hits from the 70’s, 80’s. 90’s.  A 5 euro entrance fee gives you access for the whole night, and when I say the whole night. I mean it.  We left at 4 am and the band was still playing!


Got your own date night tips for city breaks in Europe?


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-Karyn Gorman and Olav Adami