You’re Welcome… A Day in Prague on Us

Thinking about Prague?


Yeah, you’re not the only one; it’s one of our most popular city break destinations. Prague has fairy-tale beauty in spades, it’s got a seriously good food scene and nightlife (and not just of the stag party variety), and it’s a fairly budget-friendly place to go.


Of course, it’s that bit more budget friendly when you get the lowest fares on your flights…


We ran a price comparison on our fares from London to Prague for a June bank holiday weekend against fares from other airlines, and discovered that if you had booked flights to Prague with us right then and there, your average savings on flights compared to the lowest fares offered by the six next cheapest airlines was €67*.


Sixty-seven. Yours. In your pocket, all for you to enjoy, just because you chose to fly with us.


So because we’re nice like that, we’ve done a bit of donkey work for you and put that money into some real-life context. Here’s a brilliant day in the city that incorporates some of the best things to do in Prague, paid for entirely by your Ryanair savings… you’re welcome!


Total: €67


Good coffee. Good eggs. Good times.

Forget the hotel breakfast for at least one day. Or else go gluttonous and eat two breakfasts, because there are loads of brilliant places to eat eggs in Prague, and you should try at least one of them.


It’s actually hard to pick a winner from all the strong contenders, but Café Lounge (Plaská 615/8) has the advantage of serving really, really good coffee to go with your food. If coffee matters to you, this is where you should drink it.


They do magical things with eggs too but be warned; word is out on this place, so make a reservation or expect to wait for a table.


The pan fried eggs are gorgeous, cost just 105CZK (around €3.80), and come with chorizo, pesto, grilled red pepper and feta cheese.


Accompanied with a cappuccino grande (they also do soy coffees, by the way), this whole delightful affair costs around €6.50 and will set you up properly for a day perusing Prague.


Total left: €60.50


Image via iStock: Carlo107

I genuinely think that walking everywhere in a new city is the best way to see it.


But sometimes time, distance, weather, or mobility doesn’t allow for it – and I’m sending you all over the city with this itinerary – so splash out on a 24 hour Prague public transport ticket.


It’s only €4, it’ll save you time, and your feet will thank you after you’ve climbed all the steps at Prague Castle.


Total left: €56.50 

Prague Castle

It’s even better on the inside…

Full of caffeine and excellent eggs, now is the perfect time to head to Prague Castle, just 1.5kms from Café Lounge.


Have your breakfast early so you can get to the castle in good time because there’s loads to see and do here – it’s around the same size as seven football fields.


Honestly, you could easily spend a full day here just gawping at how beautiful and elaborate it all is, but I’d say some highlights to see are the changing of the guards, St Vitus Cathedral, and the lovely little higgledy-piggledy, brightly coloured houses on Golden Lane.


There are a number of different tickets you could choose, but I think the ‘Circuit B’ is perfect (CZK 250/€9); you’ll see almost everything – certainly all the best stuff – and it’s enough to fill a whole morning.


Bring a bottle of water or two with you (€1 max), there’s a lot of walking to be done over the next few hours…


Total left: €46.50

Meat o’ clock

The Dish Burger. It’s special.


You are definitely going to be hungry again by now, I promise.


Jump on a tram (the 22) and make your way to Dish Fine Burger Bistro (Římská 29, Praha 2) and prepare to be utterly bowled over by a beef burger.


It’s a 20 minute tram ride to get there, but it’s a scenic one so sit back, enjoy and just know that the journey will be well worth it.


Dish is a small and very popular place so a reservation is a good idea, but you can always get take away if needs be and eat it al fresco.


My order would probably be either the eponymous Dish burger or the Savory, washed down with a big, cold white beer. This ridiculously good meal will cost just under €9.


Total left: €37.50 

Old Town Square & Cocktail Hour

Old Town Square

From here it’ll take you about 20 minutes to get to the Old Town Square, whether you take a tram or walk (I’d walk, but it’s your trip!).


Go and see the astronomical clock (the oldest working one in the world), and make your way to the top of the town hall tower for epic views down over the square and the city.


Even if you don’t do the tower thing, the square is just a lovely place to simply be. You can do some solid people-watching, and it’s really the heart and soul of the city. And it’s free!


When you’ve wandered around and soaked up as much atmosphere as you need, go to Black Angel’s bar and soak up one of their epic cocktails – between €5/6, and worth every cent.


Don’t worry, if anyone judges you for drinking early in the day, just point at the clock and tell them, haughtily, that you’re on Babylonian time and it’s cocktail hour there.


Total left: €31.50

Charles Bridge

It’ll be this, but with hundreds more people around.

Now that you have a good strong cocktail in you, head for Charles Bridge. This attraction is probably going to be crowded with tourists.


No, it is not likely that you can avoid the crowds (unless you want to go there for sunrise, which is beautiful, but requires an obscenely early alarm call).


It’s one of those attractions that you have to just accept will be busy, but it’s one of those ‘must do’ things to do in Prague, so roll up your sleeves and brace yourself for the throngs.


Once you’ve jostled through the crowds and found a good spot, you’ll get beautiful views up and down the Vltava river. The bridge, its baroque statues and the tower at the end of it are really beautiful and it’s an important part of Prague’s history.


It’s really lovely, particularly if you can be there when the sun sets and the city starts to glow. Oh, and it’s free!


Total left: still €31.50


Steak and beer. Enough said.

By the time you’ve seen the square and the bridge properly and wandered round the lovely Old Town, you’ll probably be getting pretty hungry again.


You had a burger for lunch, so now I’m sending you for some authentic Czech cuisine. Head south along the river towards U Kroka (Vratislavova 12, Praha 2).


Walking will take half an hour, and the 17 tram takes about 15 minutes. Like Dish, this is a popular spot so you would be wise to make a reservation, just in case. This is the place to experience hearty, authentic Czech food that’s been made with love.


And even if you ordered the most expensive starter, main and dessert in the place, you’d still have more than enough left from your €31.50 to have a glass or two of wine or a few beers to go with it. Dobrou chut’!


Total left: €0.


You’re cleaned out. If you’re not, have another drink.


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- Dee Murray