The Body Camp, Mallorca: ReConnect, ReBoot, and ReLax

Nestled in the rustic, yet breathtaking landscape of Sencelles, Mallorca, lies the 25-acre property and home to Mallorca’s newest fitness resort – The Body Camp.  Here, participants from all over the world embark on a journey of change - not just a physical one, but a shift in lifestyle.  

After the tremendous success of sister resort The Body Camp Ibiza, Body Camp Mallorca opened its doors to an awaiting public in May of 2019. The Body Camp, offers a varied daily programme designed to help guests make lasting changes for the benefit of their health, including weight loss and muscle building.  

What will you find?

Panoramic views of the Mallorca countryside stretch out for peaceful miles engulfing guests in serenity at this 14-suite boutique hotel.  Luxurious private and shared accommodation, tastefully decorated, ensure restful nights after each day’s activities. 

Also located on the property is a fully equipped fitness room, yoga studio, pool, infused water and tea station, massage centre, lounge area and indoor/outdoor eating facilities. 

The property, which is located about 30 minutes from Palma airport, offers many options to hike, cycle or just enjoy nature.


But what truly makes the Body Camp special is the talented team of positive minded fitness and health professionals who make you feel welcome within seconds of arriving.


Their goal: to take the negative dialogue out of your vocabulary and support you with a non-judgmental approach to exercise and nutrition, giving you ownership of choice every step of the way. 

What will you do?

The Body Camp offers fun fitness classes including circuit training, boxing, hiking, and resistance training.


Morning workouts are intense but resident trainer Anthony’s approach is playful and humorous.  He is firm when needed but his high energy motivates even through the most gruelling circuits. 

Optional yoga classes are offered by yoga instructor Vikki who expertly leads you through calming and sometimes much needed stretching.

A unique feature to The Body Camp Mallorca is its scheduled “Time Out” afternoons.  Unlike the Ibiza full day program, Mallorca allows you to choose optional afternoon activities.  Continue your workouts with the 360-training circuit, take a free mountain bike out for a spin or just chill and relax by the pool.    

What will you eat?

Renowned chef and author of two outstanding cookbooks, Ben Whale, creates dish after dish of fantastic organic plant-based meals.  The programme is divided up into three lanes:  Lane One if your intention is to lose weight, Lane Two if you want to maintain, and Lane Three if you’re hoping to gain weight.  

The food is inventive and flavourful, providing tons of nutrients in meals that are not that complicated to make.  

What will you learn?

At the Body Camp, Mallorca it is all about you.  Your Motivation. Your Goals.  Your Choice.  What YOU can achieve. 


The Body Camp claims that they “don’t use weighing scales.”  Their focus is on “fat loss, fitness, strength and conditioning, new habits, personal peace of mind and happiness.”

Week-long retreats run from Friday to Friday and the goal is to reset your mind, fitness level and nutrition habits so that you can easily insert what you’ve learned back into your daily life. 

Shorter stays of 3-4 days as well as daily passes are also available. 

How to get there

Ryanair offers daily flights to Palma from multiple cities in Europe.


- Karyn and Olav