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Discover Dusseldorf

Book your cheap flights to Dusseldorf and look forward to exploring one of Germany’s most interesting and under-rated cities. Dusseldorf is a bustling, cosmopolitan and modern city offering activities and events to entertain even the world-weariest of travellers.

Explore the Old Town of Dusseldorf known as Altstadt which is home to the longest bar in the world, with over 300 bars in the vicinity. The Altstadt also provides stunning views of the promenade along the River Rhine.

Dusseldorf has long been considered a pioneering city, especially in the fields of art, design and modern architecture. With 26 museums and over 100 galleries across the city, you’ll find plenty of experiences to choose from.


When to book cheap flights to Dusseldorf 

When you’re booking your Dusseldorf flights, you’ll want to know the best time of year to plan a visit. Spring can be a very pleasant time to see the city as many of the city’s parks and gardens, such as Benrath Castle Gardens, come back to life with flowers blooming. Summertime in Dusseldorf is truly special when pubs overflow onto the pavements and outdoor concerts and movie screenings are a common occurrence. Autumn can be unpredictable with the weather, but it’s the perfect time to tour Dusseldorf’s museums and galleries. By far the most popular time to visit Dusseldorf is during winter when the Christmas markets bring some magic and sparkle and lashings of mulled wine. For a huge selection of hotels and places to stay in Dusseldorf, check out Ryanair Rooms.


What to see in Dusseldorf?

Fly to Dusseldorf and check out Altstadt. Enjoy the nightlife and festivities in the old town. Check out the view from the Rhine Tower. Rheinturm is the city’s tallest building and is also the world’s largest digital clock, offering 360˚ views from the observation deck. Stroll along the waterfront to Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, known for its ruins of Kaiserpfalz, a 12th century castle with striking views of the Rhine and surrounding countryside. With cobblestone streets and beautiful baroque buildings this is the best part of town for you to relax and unwind.


Getting around

Once you have arrived after your cheap Dusseldorf flights, you’ll find that getting around Dusseldorf is best done via public transportation. Public transport in Dusseldorf consists of both buses and trains each of which are somewhat reasonably priced. However, Dusseldorf Altstadt is reasonably compact and is very easy to navigate by foot. Cycling is also popular in Dusseldorf with a long promenade along the Rhine as well as cycling paths through the old towns narrow lanes. Plan to see more than just the city?  Search Ryanair car hire for great value car rental deals.


What to eat in Dusseldorf?

When you fly to Dusseldorf you can look forward to sampling classic German cuisine from the Rhineland. One of the most famous German dishes, Sauerbraten, a uniquely-spiced roast beef is incredibly popular. In Dusseldorf they have their own variation on the traditional roast known as the Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten in which the meat is covered in spicy local mustard. Dusseldorf also offers top class Japanese food with a large Japanese quarter in the city filled with sushi bars and ramen shops.