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Why Muenster?

Muenster is a smallish city - certainly relative to Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne – but like many of Germany’s smaller cities, Muenster has plenty of surprises in store for anyone who decides to take the road less travelled in Germany to explore it. 

Book flights to Muenster and get to know one of Germany’s most charming little cities.


When to book flights to Muenster

You can fly to Muenster all year round and have a great time – it just depends what kind of city break you want. Like all German cities, it has a beautiful, atmospheric Christmas Market that makes winter flights to Muenster particularly appealing – pack your thermals!

If you prefer warmer weather and longer days, or you want to spend long leisurely days in the city’s gorgeous green areas, then book your cheap Muenster flights for late spring, summer, and even into late September. You never really have to worry about Muenster being too crowded with tourists, even in the height of summer.


What to see in Muenster

It’s a compact city, so when you fly to Muenster you won’t have the same jam-packed itinerary that you might if you were trying to see Berlin’s biggest attractions in one trip. But there’s still plenty to do, and certainly a few ‘must see’ sights to get to when you book cheap Muenster flights.

Start with the Old Town, which was beautifully rebuilt and restored after suffering significant damage during World War II. The Old Town is where you will find most of the city’s museums and historic attractions, including the Rathaus (Town Hall) on Prinzipalmarkt, Muenster’s main square. You might like to see some of the city’s churches – Muenster has many of them spanning Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque styles. There are some great old beerhalls and restaurants here too where you can get a real taste of old Muenster – make sure you wet your whistle in the Pinkus Müller beer hall and restaurant, they’ve been brewing in Muenster since 1816 and are an important part of the city’s history.

Aasee Lake is a manmade lake in the city where you can take a boat trip or a pedalo, go swimming, have a picnic, or just find somewhere quiet to lie down and relax in the sun. There are some nice hotels out by the lake, so if you want to see a bit of the countryside during your city break, book a Muenster Hotel in this part of the city.

There is lots to see outside the city too. book Muenster cheap flights and you land on the doorstep of some idyllic German countryside – think lush green space and lots of beautiful moated castles that are well worth exploring.


Getting around

Muenster has over 500,000 bicycles – that’s a lot, in a city of just 310,000 people. Not surprisingly, it’s a very bike—friendly and safe city, and renting a bike to get around is a beautiful way to see the place.

If you plan to travel outside the city and into Muensterland, then Muenster car hire is your best option. You can book a rental car with Ryanair Car Hire while booking your Muenster cheap flights.


What to eat in Muenster

Westphalia cuisine, like much German cooking, is robust, tasty, and features lots of pork, bacon, ham and sausage. Pumpernickel, Mettwurst (sausage) and beer is a very typical rustic meal in the region, as is Muensterland Ragout (peppered beef stew).

Westphalian ham is a beautiful local delicacy that you’ll find all over the city; tasty and tender smoked/cured ham that can easily hold its own with Italy’s celebrated Parma ham. Muenster has a burgeoning foodie scene too, so there are plenty of great restaurants offering inventive modern cuisine. Book cheap fights to Muenster with Ryanair and discover the flavours of the city for yourself!