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What to do in Aalborg?

Aalborg may only be Denmark’s fourth largest city, but it certainly packs a punch. Since the time of the Vikings, the city has been a bustling trade route. These days it’s also known as a lively university city, filled with shops, restaurants bars, a cosmopolitan outlook and plenty of interesting visitor attractions. Book your Aalborg flights with Ryanair – Europe’s favourite airline!


Dining in Aalborg

  • Seafood is king in Aalborg, which is not surprising, given its coastal location on Jutland’s Limfjord. Crayfish, oysters, plaice, cod, salmon and herring are menu staples. Wild boar, goat’s cheese and musk ox are local favourites too, as are reindeer and lingonberry-based dishes.
  • As Aalborg is a university city, you can expect to eat well whatever your budget. There are tons of restaurants and cafes to sample local and international eats, from Italian cafes to Japanese sushi restaurants, Spanish tapas bars to French bistros.
  • Fuelled by its young student population, Aalborg has a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs providing after dark entertainment.

Top Sites and Attractions

For a fascinating look at Aalborg’s Viking past, pay a visit to the Lindholm Høje Museum. Located next to a Viking burial site, specially reconstructed settlements give an insight into the early settlers’ daily lives.

Back in present day Aalborg, don’t miss a trip to the Utzon Centre. This group of silver boat-shaped pavilions pays homage to Jorn Utzon, (Aalborg native and designer of the world-famous Sydney Opera House). It’s the perfect scenic spot to enjoy a drink at the water’s edge.

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