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Why Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city, and a wonderful place to visit – but when you book flights to Aberdeen with Ryanair, you’re not just getting the city; you’re landing at the gateway to the rolling hills, ruinous castles, wild beaches and open farmlands of Aberdeenshire, Scotland’s beautiful north-eastern countryside.

Whether you’re here for a quick city beak or the full Aberdeenshire experience, book your Aberdeen cheap flights with Ryanair, and keep reading for a quick guide to your destination! 


When to book cheap flights to Aberdeen

Aberdeen can get a little… windswept in winter, but the city’s attractions are generally still open year round and if you don’t mind a bit of cold weather then winter can be a great time to find cheap Aberdeen flights and hotels.  

Still, temperatures are a little more welcoming in the late spring and summer, and because Aberdeen never gets the huge crowds that Edinburgh and Glasgow do, you don’t need to worry too much about July and August crowds being unbearable. Fly to Aberdeen in early September, and you’ll get the end of summer warmth but with that lovely hint of autumn starting to show on the trees. 


What to see in Aberdeen 

There’s plenty for you to explore in Aberdeen, so make sure you choose some good central accommodation in the city when you decide to book Aberdeen flights. We have a great selection on Ryanair Rooms, and will even give you money back towards your next flights, to Aberdeen or wherever else you might like to visit! 

Once you’ve arrived in Aberdeen, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Wander the city and just enjoy its style – Aberdeen is famous for its granite, and the city’s buildings shimmer a distinctive silver grey as sunlight hits the tiny sparkling crystals in their walls.  There are a few main sights you’ll want to see when you fly to Aberdeen, so make sure you tick the Highlanders Museum, the Winter Gardens, and the Maritime Museum off our list. 

Beyond the city, the wild and windswept Aberdeenshire landscape will captivate you. This is the land of castles and whisky, of links golfing and beautiful rolling hills. Go and explore the stunning Scottish outdoors, whether that’s the 14 miles of sand dunes at Balmedie Beach just a short drive north of the city, or the slopes at Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire’s famous winter sports hotspot. 

Aberdeenshire has 263 castles, and some of them are pretty spectacular. Get to see a few of them if you can, but if you only visit one, make it the awesome Dunnottar Castle. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into the Braveheart film set.  


Getting Around

Within Aberdeen city, the public transport is reliable and simple enough to navigate. Aberdeen is not a mammoth city either, and it is easily (if not best) explored on two feet, or on two wheels, considering how close the city’s key attractions are to each other. 

If you want to get out into Aberdeenshire to see some of those remote castles and small distilleries, then car hire is probably your best option (and can be booked while you book your Aberdeen flights on 


What to Eat in Aberdeen

There are definitely a few must-try meals that you have to sample while on Scottish soil, the most notable dish being Cullen Skink, Scotland’s famous thick and hearty smoked haddock stew. There are plenty of places to try it in the city, as are there some great spots to taste the world famous Angus Beef that Aberdeen is famous for. It’s not just the beef here either; from the rivers full of trout and salmon to the wild deer roaming the land, Aberdeenshire produces some top quality ingredients. 

Aberdeenshire is also home to some of Scotland’s best shortbread, and you can even visit the Dean’s bakery and gift shop to stock up on these beautiful buttery biscuits. And speaking of ‘buttery’ – the buttery is a famous Aberdeenshire breakfast pastry (also called a ‘rowie’), that is a rite of passage for any visitor to Aberdeenshire. 

Fly to Aberdeen and get a real taste of Scotland’s north east for yourself!