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What to do in Ancona?

A city settled above the Adriatic Sea, Ancona is a hidden Italian gem, not usually in a traveller's bucket list. However, there are many reasons as to why visitors should start discovering Ancona and its amazing sights. From its untouched natural beauty, mesmerising architecture, and delicious cuisine, there are too many motives to visit this city. For a taste of untouched Italy, book your Ancona flights with Ryanair - Europe’s favourite airline.


Sightseeing in Ancona

  • The Cathedral of San Ciriaco is the town's most important building. Dating back to the 11th century, this vast building boasts fantastic views of the city and the sea. This Romanesque building is one that cannot be missed.
  • The Arch of Trajan is an 18-meter-high marble structure that does not seize to amaze. One of the most well-preserved monuments from the region is another mesmerising sight in Ancona.
  • Finish off your tour with a stop at the National Archaeological Museum. Housed in a 16th Century building, this museum exhibits some of Ancona's most precious archaeological treasures.

Tips to stay in Ancona

Ancona houses some of the best and most luxurious hotels around. Stay at the Grand Hotel Palace for a stay worthy of a king. Reserve early as hotels like these can book quickly. For dinner, try some of the fresh local seafood available in many of the city's restaurants. Take a walk on the port and stop at a café for a late night snack. Ryanair can fly you to Ancona from London at some of the lowest prices in Europe. Now is the best time to book your flight to Ancona!


Ancona Airports

  • Marche Airport (AOI)

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