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What to do in Eilat?

This southern Israeli port located on the Red Sea near Jordan is also a popular resort destination. Eilat is well-known for its spas, resorts, water sports, coral reefs, and more. Relax and unwind in one of the most peaceful places in the Middle East, while taking in some of the most magnificent sights around. Find an affordable flight to Eilat with Ryanair, Europe’s favourite airline, and uncover all that Eilat has to offer!


Tours around Eilat

  • There is not a lack of sights and attractions around the city of Eilat, which is why tours and nature walks are so common around the city.
  • Try a fun family trip to the Red Canyon, or explore the wonders of the Amram Pillars. Also, don’t leave Eilat without visiting Mount Yoash, one of the most spectacular observation points in Eilat.
  • Go Flamingo watching in Eilat’s salt pools, check out the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, and stop by the Eilat black river quarry for a breath-taking sight.

Travel tips for Eilat

If you are looking for a spa getaway, then any time of the year is perfect to visit the wonderful city. However, if you want to do a lot of outdoor exploring, then reserve your trip for the spring and falls months to avoid the heat. There is much more to see and do in Eilat, and finding cheap fares is easier than you think. Fly to Eilat with Ryanair for an unforgettable experience.


Eilat Airports

  • Eilat Airport (ETH)