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Why Essaouira 

Fly to Essaouira for a Moroccan city break and beach break rolled into one! Essaouira is situated on Morocco’s beautiful and windswept Atlantic coast, which means that although it has everything you could want from a city break in Morocco – the Medina and souks, and the wonderful culture and delicious food – it also has a laid back seaside vibe. 

Book flights to Essaouira and experience the best of what Morocco has to offer.


When to book flights to Essaouira 

Essaouira is beautiful throughout the year, though its somewhat exposed position on the Atlantic coast means that it can get pretty windy, particularly in January and February. Still, it will never get excessively cold here – and even if you book Essaouira cheap flights during the winter you can expect the temperatures to reach around 15 degrees during the day – not sunbathing weather perhaps, but perfectly pleasant conditions for exploring.

If you’re looking for hot summers, then the period from April to October is the window in which you should fly to Essaouira. You’ll still feel the Alizés breeze, but it’s a gentler one, the days are drier and warmer - and the beach is a lot more inviting!  


What to see in Essaouira

Your Essaouira flights will land you on the doorstep of a small but very beautiful city – it won’t take long for you to see everything, but you should really take your time to enjoy the city’s sights and attractions. 

Book cheap Essaouira flights and you will be enchanted by the colour and beauty of the place – in fact, its name translates from Arabic as ‘Little Picture’. When you’re surrounded by Essaouira’s golden architecture and cobalt blue woodwork, all drenched in the warmth of the North African sun, you’ll easily see why this nickname is so deserved. 

Take your time to appreciate the colour and beauty of the Medina and the Souks – the Medina is car-free and clean, and the souks are easy enough to find your way around, unlike the labyrinthine and sometimes overwhelming souks of Marrakech! Discover the ramparts and port area, maybe stop for a cocktail in one of the lovely rooftop bars or restaurants nearby and watch the sun set over the bustling port. 

It’s worth getting out of the city too, and going to explore the famous desert, the beautiful Atlas mountains, or even travelling further down the coast to see some of Morocco’s beautiful small towns, or the famous ‘Paradise Valley’ river canyon. Need a place to stay in Essaouira?  Book your hotel in Essaouira with Ryanair Rooms and you’ll make savings on your next flight.


Getting Around

Essaouira is an easy city to explore by foot. Within the Medina, it’s the ONLY way to get around (cars are not allowed) but outside that, taxis are cheap and plentiful.

If you want to explore more of Morocco and you prefer to do it at your own pace, car hire is a great way to do it. Reserve your rental car online with Ryanair Car Hire, while you’re booking your Essaouira cheap flights and your car will be ready and waiting for you when you land.


What to Eat Essaouira

Of course, when in Morocco, you’ll have to try tagine at least once! There are plenty of restaurants in the medina where you can find a great tagine, and it’s makes for a perfect lunch – never too heavy, but always hearty enough to keep you full throughout the day. 

Essaouira is a great place to get excellent seafood too, and when you fly to Essaouira you’ll find a huge choice of really great seafood restaurants, from fine dining to simple bistros. Bon Appétit!