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Why Hamburg

Germany’s lively northern harbour city has earned itself a great reputation, not just for its nightlife (though it certainly has a reputation for that), but for its whole atmosphere. Fly to Hamburg and explore a proper port city, with plenty to see and do and a uniquely laid back atmosphere. 

This is a city that knows how to enjoy itself, so why not book some cheap Hamburg flights so you can go and enjoy it too!


When to book cheap flights to Hamburg 

Hamburg is a year-round destination, and though it’s worth noting that it gets pretty cold in the winter time, it’s never unbearably so – certainly not with plenty of glühwein and a warm jacket and hat! However, if you want to spend a lot of time outdoors in Hamburg, you might prefer to book your Hamburg cheap flights in summertime. The city does have its own beach after all, and between June and August you can relax on it in temperatures well into the twenties. 

Of course, if you just want some bright weather but without the inevitable crowds that summer brings, then the months either side of summer are a great option. Late April/May or September will be warm, relatively bright, and perfect for days spent walking Hamburg’s fascinating streets! 


What to see in Hamburg

Hamburg has a lot to see and do, with lots of distinct neighbourhoods for you to explore, from the quirky Sternschanze to the slick new builds of Hafen City and, of course, the Reeperbahn’s famous red lights and nightclubs. Do a little research on these neighbourhoods when you book your Hamburg flights, because it might help you choose the perfect Hamburg accommodation for your trip. 

In fact, there are a few ‘must see’ attractions and neighbourhoods to add to your bucket list when you’re booking flights to Hamburg, and the Reeperbahn is just one of them. Make sure to pay a visit to Miniatur Wunderland to marvel at the sheer attention to detail, take a cruise through the famous harbour, eat Portuguese pastries in the Neustadt neighbourhood, and make sure you get up early on a Sunday to see the world famous Hamburg Fischmarkt.

When you book cheap Hamburg flights, it’s worth checking to see if they coincide with the weeks when the famous Hamburger Dom is running. This is Hamburg’s famous funfair, which runs for a month in spring, summer and winter. As well as white-knuckle rides it has awesome food stalls and arcade games, and a Friday night firework display. If you can visit the city when this is running, you might even find yourself here every evening. 


Getting Around 

Hamburg is a marvellous city to cycle, with a city bike scheme available for anyone who wants to sign up to discover Hamburg on two wheels. The city is well set up for cyclists to get around safely , and Hamburg’s StadtRAD rental bikes are cheap. 

Public transport is quick, cheap and reliable here, and a Hamburg Card is a particularly efficient way to get around - it includes unlimited use of Hamburg’s train, bus and harbour ferry services, and you can also use it to get discounted admission to some of the city’s best attractions. 


What to Eat in Hamburg 

Hamburg has a few little specialties for you to sample while you’re here (and no, none of them is an actual hamburger).  Start with Hamburg’s very own pastry, the delicious Franzbroetchen. Have one with your morning coffee for a great breakfast on the go. 

If you’re in the city on a Sunday, make your way to the Altona Fischmarkt and have a fischbroetchen for brunch. It’s a humble fish roll, usually made with pickled herring, and it’s as true a taste of Hamburg as you’ll get.  Book cheap Hamburg fights with Ryanair, and sample it for yourself!