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Why Kalamata 

Kalamata, the capital of the stunning and sunny Messinia region of Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula.  You might have heard of it because of its very delicious and very famous export, the Kalamata olive. But there’s more to this town than just its juicy olives; it’s a place with incredible history and culture, stunning scenery, and while you are still on the Greek mainland when you book flights to Kalamata, the coastal areas of Messinia still have that laid-back vibe that can rival any of Greece’s famous paradise islands.


When to book flights to Kalamata 

Book cheap Kalamata flights at any time of year and you’ll land somewhere beautiful, so this really depends on what you want from your Kalamata holiday. If your ideal holiday is full of long hikes, ancient sites, venetian towns and wineries, and if suntans and beach days are not your top priority, you might like the quieter streets and cooler temperatures in the winter season (not to mention the cheap Kalamata flights and hotel rooms at this time of year). 

If you DO want the tan and the beach, then of course the summer season from May until October is the time to book your flights to Kalamata; it won’t let you down – plenty of nightlife at this time of year too! 


What to See in Kalamata

Kalamata itself is not Greece’s most aesthetically beautiful city, but it is a wonderful one. Discover its history; the old buildings and churches, and the wonderful museums. Discover its present too, the quirky boutique and art galleries, the incredible cafés and restaurants, the buzzing beachside bars and tavernas. Make sure you discover Kalamata’s famous nightlife too; because when the sun goes down in Kalamata, that’s when the party starts. 

Flights to Kalamata don’t just bring you to the city – you have the whole Messinia region to explore… in fact the entire Peloponnese peninsula is your oyster, and the best thing you could possibly do is hire a car in Kalamata, and go to explore this incredible part of Greece.  

If you’re happy enough to drive for just over an hour and a half, the Acrocorinth, right at the neck of the Peloponnese peninsula, is an incredible ancient site that is worth a drive twice that long. It’s Greece’s most impressive archaic sight, a huge monolithic acropolis that has stood the test of time and still stands strong overlooking the Corinth. This is a great day trip if combined with a trip to the stunning beaches of the Gulf of Corinth. 

There are countless more historical sites all over the Peloponnese as well a charming little towns for you to explore, and of course lots of long, beautiful stretches of sun-drenched sands on which you can lay down and soak up the Grecian sun. So when you fly to Kalamata, choose a nice hotel in the city and make that your base as you discover the Peloponnese.


Getting around

Within Kalamata, the public transport is fairly reliable and cheap. Local buses will get you around the city - the most useful one for tourists is the No. 1 bus that heads straight for the seafront and east along the coast.

If you want to travel further into the Peninsula, then hiring a car is the way to do it. You can book this while you book your cheap Kalamata flights with Ryanair Car Hire


What to eat in Kalamata

Of course, in Kalamata, you should indulge in the mighty olive. They are everywhere, and they are delicious. Their oil is delicious. Eat plenty of them, and bring some oil home with you too. But there’s a lot more in store for your taste buds when you book Kalamata cheap flights, so arrive hungry! All the Greek favourites are here, and they all taste amazing – Moussaka, souvlaki, Greek salad, and BBQ meats. The Kalamatans like their baked goods too, so make sure to try ‘diples’ (honey dipped and deep fried pastry) and lalagia (crunchy citrus and cinnamon pastries). Enjoy!