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Cheap flights to Kefalonia, Greece

Why Kefalonia

Book flights to Kefalonia and get ready for a paradise escape on one of Greece’s most beautiful Islands. The Ionian islands are renowned for their beauty, their perfect sunny weather, their crystal clear bathtub-calm waters, and their almost horizontally laid-back approach to life. 

Kefalonia is one of the bigger and most beautiful of these islands, famous for being immortalised in literature and film (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) but somehow still blessedly untouched by mass tourism. Fly to Kefalonia and discover everything that makes the Greek Islands one of Europe’s most idyllic destinations. 


When to book cheap flights to Kefalonia

Kefalonia, being a Greek island, is drenched in sunshine for much of the year. This is obviously a great thing for sunseekers, though you should bear in mind that it can get a little too hot in the deepest depths of summer – with temperatures regularly hitting the 30s during the day in August. 

If you want the perfect amount of sunshine and warmth, coupled with slightly quieter beaches and restaurants, try to book your Kefalonia cheap flights for the late April or May, or alternatively for September and even into October.


What to see in Kefalonia 

When you book cheap flights to Kefalonia, you know you have some seriously beautiful white sand beaches in store for you, so try to visit a few of these world-famous strands during your holiday. There are the bigger, busier ones like Myrtos and Kimilia, but there are lots of smaller more private coves too, so do a little homework and pick your perfect paradise beaches, the ones you most want to discover when you fly to Kefalonia.  

Some particularly beautiful spots to lay down a towel and catch some sunshine are Antisamos, Petani, Skala, Lagadakia, or the red-brown sands of lovely Xi Beach. For a relatively small islands, the variety of beaches is astonishing – so choose your ideal one, whether that means white sands or rock pols and pebbles!

There’s more to Kefalonia than beaches, of course, so if you do want to see a little more, we can recommend a few firm favourites on this island. Visit the Gentilini winery, take a boat trip on the blue lagoon under Melissani Cave, hike in Mount Ainos National Park, discover the disappearing sea at Katavothres or visit the Venetian lighthouse at Fiscardo Bay. Wander through the island little towns and villages, and of course, drink a little Ouzo with the locals if you can!

If you’re still looking for the perfect Kefalonia hotel, check out Ryanair Rooms, for a superb choice of room and money back towards you next flights, to Kefalonia… or wherever else takes your fancy.


Getting Around 

If you want to try getting around Kefalonia using public transport… well, you’ll probably get there eventually but it’s not particularly efficient and there are better ways to get around. Taxis are not so expensive here, and transfers from the airport to popular resorts and towns usually has a set fare. Car Hire in Kefalonia is a good way to get around – for privacy, efficiency, and of course, air conditioning, and you can book car hire with Ryanair while you’re boking your Kefalonia cheap flights. 


What to eat in Kefalonia

Wherever you go in Greece, you can expect a few culinary staples – Greek salad, great seafood, lamb and yoghurt, olive oil and delicious honey… book flights to Kefalonia and you’ll get all the ‘best bits’ of Grecian eating. But the island has its own  little specialities that you should definitely try if you can – Bakaliaros with Agliada, and Kefalonia Meat Pie are two particularly tasty dishes to try when you fly to Kefalonia.