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Cheap Flights to Košice

Why Košice

The Slovakian city is a haven for history buffs, culture lovers and foodies. Book cheap flights to Košice, Slovakia to explore one of the best kept secrets in Europe. If you want to discover a beautiful European city that’s beyond the usual tourist trail, then booking Košice cheap flights is an absolute must. Košice has everything you would expect from a city in Europe. The small Slovakian city has a rich history, stunning buildings, exciting events and a buzzing atmosphere to rival larger, more well-known European cities. It was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and we’re not surprised – Košice is full of important historic sites and cultural attractions. Read on to discover more before you fly to Košice.


When to book cheap flights to Košice

It’s important to take the weather into consideration when deciding what time of year to fly to Košice. The weather in the Slovakian city differs greatly depending on what month you decide to visit. Summers in Košice are typically warm with July and August being the hottest months when temperatures often reach 27°C during the day. The summer is also when it rains the most in Košice, especially in June, so if you are planning on booking cheap Košice flights in the summer make sure to pack a rain jacket. The most popular time to visit Košice is from March to May, when the city is still warm but there is less rain. Temperatures in spring range from 10°C to 21°C. Winters in the city can be very cold, with temperatures sometimes dropping below 0°C, although accommodation in the city is cheaper during this time and you’ll get to see Košice’s wonderful Christmas market. Check out Ryanair Rooms to find great hotel deals.


What to see in Košice

Košice is full of beautiful, historic architecture and cultural sights. What’s great about the city is you don’t have to travel far to see the main attractions. With the savings you’ve made on your cheap flights to Košice, you’ll find plenty to see and do. Elisabeth Cathedral should be top of your list of monuments to see when you fly to Košice. The Gothic cathedral has been around since 1378. Right beside St. Elisabeth Cathedral you’ll find Urban’s Tower which was once the cathedral’s bell tower but now plays host to a waxwork exhibition of famous people from Košice. Fans of the opera and the ballet will enjoy a trip to the State Theatre where performers regularly wow attendees inside the stunning Neo-Baroque structure. One of the most interesting sights in Košice is the Beggar’s House. Legend has it that there was once a beggar in the city that collected so many charitable donations that he was able to build his own house. 

If you book Košice flights in the winter don’t miss out on the charming Christmas market for a truly magical experience.


Getting around

Košice is quite a small city and most of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other. If you do need to travel further afield, the city has an efficient public transport system. You can take the number 23 bus to and from the airport. Fares are reasonably priced too. You can pick up tickets on board, at news-stands or at ticket machines. These tickets can also be used on Košice’s trams.


What to eat in Košice

There are a few local specialities you absolutely have to try during your stay in Košice. Slovakian food is wholesome and filling. A lot of their recipes are based around pork, beef and chicken. Blood sausage, krvavničky, and a spiced sausage called klobása are very popular in the city, along with game meats like rabbit and venison. Fried cheese is popular among locals, who often use sheep cheese as an ingredient. Bryndzové halušky is an example of that. It’s a traditional Slovakian dish made of potato dumplings, sheep cheese and roasted bacon. A regular item on many menus throughout Košice are potato dumplings. Zemiakové placky is one of our favourites. It’s a potato dumpling dish with flour and garlic fried in oil. Also make sure to try parené buchty, a dessert dish of sweet dumplings filled with jam, sweetened poppy seeds and cheese or chocolate. Enjoy!