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Olsztyn – Mazury is an airport serving the town of Szczytno in the north east of Poland as well as the city of Olsztyn further north. The region is best known for its megalithic tombs, while both Olsztyn and Szczytno are home to many interesting historical ruins and architectural sites. Get your flights to Olsztyn – Mazury today with Ryanair – Europe’s favourite airline!


Discover the History of Poland

  • The megalithic tombs are the only known examples of their kind in the region and offer a spectacular insight into the history of the country.
  • Visit some of the interesting historical attractions in Olsztyn, many of which are located in the Old Town. Olsztyn Castle, built in the 14th century, is a favourite with visitors.
  • Explore the Prussian heritage of Szczytno, which can be seen in its beautiful architecture and historical sites such as the castle ruins near the Town Hall.

Local Cuisine in Olsztyn

Although the region is best known for its historical attractions, it offers far more than that. Enjoy a great dining experience at a local restaurant and taste some unique Polish cuisine. Find your cheap Olsztyn flights with Ryanair and choose a Flexi Plus fare to receive great perks such as Priority & 2 Cabin bags and premium seating.


Olsztyn – Mazury Airports

  • Olsztyn – Mazury Airport (Port lotniczy Olsztyn-Mazury) (SZY)