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What to do in Oradea?

The incredible city of Oradea is the Romanian centre of culture, economics, and history. Located a mere 8 miles from the Hungarian border, the landscapes of this town include towering buildings, river shores, and one of the largest universities in Easter Europe. Find some of the lowest fares on flights to Oradea with Ryanair as start exploring beautiful Romania today!


Top Architectural Landmarks in Oradea

  • The top attraction in Oradea is Black Eagle Palace, a splendid edifice built in the 1700s. Take a tour of the inside of the building and admire its detailed stained glass windows.
  • Bishop's Palace is one of Oradea’s most important landmarks. This U-shaped building is adorned with 365 windows and is also the Museum of the Crisana Region.
  • Lastly, visit the Oradea State Theatre, an architectural beauty in the heart of the city. This fantastic marble structure is a must-see in Oradea.

Top Attractions in Oradea

A visit to Oradea is not complete without seeing the Oradea Fortress, a wonderful area of the city free of crowds and tourist traps. Stroll through its medieval walks and check out its two lakes. Find a cheap fare and fly to Oradea with Ryanair to experience these and many more attractions!


Oradea Airports

  • Oradea International Airport (OMR)