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Why Stockholm?

‘Beauty on Water’ -  the nickname given to Sweden’s capital by the people who live there, says a lot about the place and how much its inhabitants love it. Stockholm is gorgeous – built on fourteen small islands on Lake Malaren,  and connected by over fifty bridges, it’s a spacious, well designed, and clean city. Book flights to Stockholm to experience its incredible architecture, superb food, relaxed waterside vibe, and buckets of Scandinavian style!



When to book cheap flights to Stockholm:

Stockholm was designed to function through and survive a cold Scandinavian winter, so please rest assured that if you fly to Stockholm in winter, you won’t meet a series of train delays and closed shops. All you need to do is wrap up warm and you can enjoy the city with snow, crisp winter sunshine (until the sun goes down in the late afternoon), Christmas lights and mulled wine!

If you prefer to soak up some sunshine in the parks and maybe even take a swim in Stockholm’s crystal clear and remarkably clean waters, then summer is your Stockholm season. Cheap Stockholm flights are easy to find all year round.



What to see in Stockholm

Stockholm has a lot in store for its visitors, from Viking history and museums to kayaking and fine dining. Your first port of call might be the Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s famous fairy-tale old town. It’s beautiful here, a colourful and bustling place filled with more shops, attractions, cafés, restaurants and history than you could possibly fit into one trip. You could quite easily book Stockholm cheap flights and spend your entire break just wandering these little cobblestone alleyways and streets… but then you’d be missing out on the rest of the city. There are some lovely hotels in this part of the city too, and you can book a room in one of them on Ryanair Rooms.

The rest of the city has a lot of incredible things for you to see and do too. The Vasa museum is one of the most popular attractions in the city, and you’d be mad to fly to Stockholm without paying it a visit. Despite popular opinion, it’s not actually a Viking ship - but it is an amazing, incredibly well preserved old warship and the museum in which it lives is a fantastic one. Give yourself a good few hours to get lost here, as you take in the story of this ill-fated vessel.

Stockholm has a lot of green space too, both in the city centre and within its suburbs. The loveliest of these is almost certainly the Djurgården, a much loved oasis of calm right in the heart of Stockholm. There are heaps of museums on this island, including the Vasa Museum… and an Abba museum. But the island is also blessed with parks, space, nature, and family friendly fun. Put this on your must-do list as soon as you book your Stockholm cheap flights.



Getting around:

Stockholm is a really walkable city and the public transport system here is second to none for when you need to cover a bigger distance. It’s a good idea to invest in a Stockholm pass when you decide to fly to Stockholm; it gives you unlimited travel on all of Stockholm’s public transport, including on the ferries that run between the islands. It’s the perfect way to explore the city. Plan to see more of Sweden than just the capital city?  Book a rental car on Ryanair Car Hire and it will be ready and waiting for you when you land in Stockholm.



What to Eat in Stockholm.

Swedish meatballs are excellent. Let’s just get that out of the way first. They’re delicious, very Swedish, and you can get really excellent ones in the food halls and markets of Stockholm. Some other very Swedish flavours to try include Lingonberry, rye bread, gravlax, Skagen toast… and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always try the Surstromming (fermented herring).

One ritual you should definitely indulge in here is the Swedish ‘fika’. Fika is essentially a coffee break, but it’s more than that. It’s a Swedish coffee break. It has a special name because it’s a special social ritual here, so make sure you take some time out to enjoy it yourself when you book flights to Stockholm!