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Why Stuttgart?

Stuttgart has a reputation for being all about its business; slick and modern, futuristic and competitive, home to the heavy hitters of the German automobile industry… It’s a wealthy and vibrant city, and yes there is a lot of flashiness – fast luxurious cars and fancy restaurants abound – but Stuttgart still has its feet firmly on the ground.

Fly to Stuttgart because whether you want biergartens or Benzes, you’ll find it to be great city for a mini break and the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding area.



When to book flights to Stuttgart

Stuttgart can get pretty nippy in the winter months, though it’s certainly a good time to visit if you want cheap Stuttgart flights and hotels, a beautiful Christmas Market, and if you don’t mind battling winter weather. Most people prefer a little more warmth though, and temperatures get a whole lot more manageable from April onwards. 

Book flights to Stuttgart in summer, and you can expect temperatures somewhere up in the mid-twenties – perfect for relaxing in the city’s beautiful parks!

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What to see in Stuttgart

There’s lots to see and do when you book fights to Stuttgart, but one of the city’s most popular attractions is the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Mercedes Benz is Stuttgart’s pride and joy and you can follow the luxurious brand’s growth (along with the growth of the auto industry) at their super slick museum in the heart of the city.

It’s an incredible museum… beautifully designed and extremely well put together with a showroom filled with old, new and remarkable cars. You could honestly spend a full day working your way through 130 years of automotive history (and over 160 stunning cars).

The Porsche museum is well worth visiting too, and like the Mercedes museum you can follow the growth of the company over the years while looking at how the stunning cars themselves have developed as technology, design and engineering made them more powerful and beautiful every year.

You’ll like these museums even if you’re not a car lover – and if you’re not, there’s still plenty more to do when you book flights to Stuttgart. The city is home to a huge, beautiful zoo that is the perfect destination for a family day out, as is a visit to the Killesberg Turm. Remember too that when you fly to Stuttgart you are right beside the famous Black Forest, so if you have the time, go explore the towns and villages of the forest to see the beautiful half-timber houses and maybe even find a slice of the forest’s famous cake!



Getting Around

Getting around in Stuttgart is easily and best done via public transport – choose the train, bus, the tram and S-Bahn, and the fastest option, the U-Bahn. Stuttgart is clean and safe for walking, but for time and energy’s sake, public transport is the way to get around. Day passes and group tickets are available that cover all transport.

If you want to head out into the Baden-Wurttemberg countryside, car hire is a good option. Drivers tend to be attentive here and roads are excellent, so you won’t have difficulty with driving in Stuttgart.  



What to Eat in Stuttgart

Foodie? When you book flights to Stuttgart you’re in for a treat. You should absolutely try some traditional cuisine while you’re in town, though Swabian food can be heavy so beware of having it at lunchtime, it might knock you out for the rest of the day! Pretzels are a great ‘on the go’ snack, but save the big dishes like ‘Buabaspitzla’ (potato dumplings) and Schwäbische Maultaschen (meat ravioli) for evening time.

It’s not all traditional food here by any stretch, the city offers a wealth of incredible restaurants for you to choose from so you’re sure to eat well, no matter what your taste.