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Where is Tallinn?

Tallinn sits on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The heart of Tallinn is its Medieval Old Town. A fairy tale neighbourhood of gabled houses, Gothic spires and cobblestone streets. Regardless of whether it’s snowing or reminiscent of autumnal temperatures, the city is full of life and there is plenty to do! Ryanair is always getting better, and now offers some of the lowest fares. Book your flight to Tallinn today and enjoy a low-cost fun-filled Estonian vacation!


Tallinn’s food scene

  • Traditional Estonian cuisine has its roots in village culture, with Germanic, Scandinavian and Slavic influences thrown in the mix.
  • Local food, traditional or modern, changes throughout the year, with each season boasting its own unique flavours. The winter brings a range of hearty dishes.
  • Tallinn’s bustling restaurant scene is packed with inventive chefs and mouth-watering cuisine for every taste: Medieval, ethnic, elegant, cutting-edge and more.

What to Do in Tallinn

Though the nights may be dark, winter is when you'll find Tallinn at its most enchanting. For several weeks (24.11.2018-05.01.2019) each winter Tallinn's Town Hall square is filled with an elaborate Christmas market, where visitors can buy gifts, listen to concerts, meet Santa or drink hot, spiced wine. Records show that merchants from the Brotherhood of Black Heads guild installed a spruce on that very square in 1441, making it one of the first public Christmas trees in Europe. It's no wonder that people from all over the World come to see the market. Tallinn is just 2.5-hour flight away. Book, your flight with Ryanair and enjoy the lowest fares of any airline!


Tallinn Airports

  • Tallinn Airport (TLL)