11 of the best cities for vegans in Europe

A new movement is sweeping through the medieval cobbled streets of Europe and it’s spreading like wildfire. Veganism is slowly but surely taking over and the continent’s cities can’t get enough. Gone are the days where a trip to L.A. was necessary to get your hands on faux beef burgers and plant-based cupcakes. An awakened meat-free mecca is emerging right on our door step and we’re here for it. Here’s our list of the best vegan cities in Europe. 

1. London, England

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There’s no better place to try your hand at veganism than in the many cafes, bars and restaurants dedicated to the lifestyle movement lining the streets of London. Home to one of the best vegan fine dining restaurants in the world, the capital city is bursting with options for the compassionate eaters offering veganised versions of everything from fried chicken to pizza and even kebabs. Not only are these locations helping preserve the planet, they’re also incredibly aesthetic and usually feature on the list of the most Instagrammable places in London.


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2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Staying true to the vibe of this free-wheeling, vibrant metropolis, veganism is unsurprisingly popular among the residents of Amsterdam. Proving that being vegan doesn’t equal the picture of health, the Dutch capital is serving up some incredible plant-based junk food that’ll make you fall in love at first sight. Head to Vegan Junk Food Bar for loaded fries and burgers galore. For a more fine dining approach, book a table at Terrazen Centre for Japanese and Caribbean cuisine. Another opportunity to take stunning foodie shots, Amsterdam is the closest thing to a vegan Holy Grail if we’ve ever seen one!


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3. Warsaw, Poland

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Rather unexpectedly, Warsaw is the dark horse when it comes to vegan options in Europe. Recently listed as a top vegan city, the Polish capital has over forty vegan restaurants with innovative choices ranging from sushi, liquid nitrogen ice cream, croissants and schnitzel. Stop by Vege Miasto for traditional meals with a vegan edge and Krowarzyova Vegan Burger for when you’re feeling like a more casual feed. The surprisingly commonness of a vegan lifestyle in this city means you won’t be charged an arm and a leg at these specialty restaurants.


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4. Paris, France

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When you think plant-based, France isn’t exactly the first country that comes to mind with its rich emphasis on cheese and butter. However Paris has hopped on the vegan train and is moving full steam ahead. With almost fifty fully vegan locations scattered across the city, there’s plenty of places to satisfy your cravings and settle down for an afternoon of fine dining. Make sure to eat at Le Potager du Marais famed for its menu and the breath-taking neighbourhood it’s set in. Paris even has vegan tours of the city so you can scope out all the best spots before you make a reservation.


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5. Berlin, Germany

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A dream come true for vegan enthusiasts, the German city is truly the capital of Europe’s cruelty free cuisine. You’ll be spoilt for choice in Berlin with its plethora of vegan eateries, clothes shops and grocery stores. Home to one of Europe’s biggest vegan festivals, Veganes SommerFest and a chain of vegan food stores, Veganz, it’s safe to say they’ve got it covered when it comes to plant-based food. Whether you’re a full blown convert or just trying to do your bit, Berlin is the perfect place to go without animal produce in style.


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6. Budapest, Hungary

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Rapidly racing ahead of the curve when it comes to animal welfare and environmentally conscious activities, Budapest is the next stop on the tour of the best vegan cities in Europe. Kickstart your health cleanse with a dip in one of the city’s outdoor thermal baths and feed your soul at Vegan Love. If you’re after a more traditional Hungarian dish that doesn’t compromise your beliefs, take a seat at Napfenyes Restaurant, where veganising local dishes is their specialty. Hosting monthly vegan pop up markets, opening artisanal vegan cheese shops and testing the waters with veggie burgers, this eastern jewel is well on its way to becoming Europe’s vegan hub.


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7. Prague, Czech Republic

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Typically known for its meat-based dishes, this popular weekend getaway is defying all expectations and venturing into veganism. The recent influx of tourists from all walks of life has encouraged the gothic, bohemian city to cater for all resulting in a thriving vegan scene to rival the best of them. Eat Czech bac’n dumplings at Plevel, get your snacks at Puro and see the city in a new light on one of the I Like Veggie walking food tours. Step out of your comfort zone and dive head first into Prague’s plant-based scene – you won’t regret it!


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8. Gothenburg, Sweden

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Sweden’s second largest city is jam-packed with trendy cafes, shops and bars, most of which will have at least one vegan option on the menu. Not solely focusing on the food, Gothenburg is taking its environmentally conscious attitude to its clothing brands and even hair salons. Go shopping at THRIVE and give your wardrobe the awakening it needs and afterwards, book into EcoLinne Salon for a cruelty free haircut. Have dinner with a city view at raw food restaurant Open New Doors and grab a snack for later from Happy Vegan food shop. In this forward thinking city-on-the-sea the possibilities are endless.


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9. Barcelona, Spain

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Impressive architecture and stunning beaches aren’t the only things Barcelona has going for it. As one of Europe’s most visited attractions, Barcelona has tons of vegan gems waiting around every corner. Forward thinking when it comes to compassionate eating, the Spanish city has a great variety of places from raw food at Petit Brot to fried options at La Troadero. If you’re travelling with meat-eaters, eat at traditional tapas restaurants and order escalivada or pa amb tomaquet. The Catalonian capital actively encourages meat-free eating once a week so hop on board and ditch the jamon for the weekend in Barcelona.


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10. Milan, Italy

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Italy has a lot more to offer than just pizza and pasta. Milan’s thriving vegan scene deserves more recognition for its innovation and chain restaurants promoting a plant-based menu. Home to the first vegan restaurant in Europe to win a Michelin star, the city is no stranger to this lifestyle movement. Try experimental delicacies at Joia and vegan kebabs at Universo Vegano. If you really want to fully experience all that vegan Milan has to offer, plan your trip around the annual festival which celebrates the eco-friendly lifestyle, Mi VEG.


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11. Edinburgh, Scotland

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Last but not least, Scotland’s crown jewel is flying the flag for plant-based, cruelty free movement. Previously named the UK’s most vegan friendly city, expect a vast array of options and choices when you visit Edinburgh. From sweet treats to savoury bites, the city has something to suit all choices. Head to Considerit for some of the best vegan donuts in the country and stop for a spot of afternoon tea at Casa Angelina. For a more substantial fill, order a meal at Holy Cow, Henderson’s Vegan or Harmonium. With something hidden around every corner, you never know what you’ll find in one of Europe’s best vegan cities.


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- Lucy Norris