17 of Europe’s most Instagrammable cities

Whether you like it or not, Instagram driven travel is having a moment and it’s about time we all got on board. In an age where adventures and memories can be shared at the touch of a button, documenting your every move is the norm and seeking out the perfect selfie spot now plays a huge role in every travel itinerary. Capturing that candid snapshot is no easy feat but framing it against the backdrop of classical medieval architecture and never-ending canals sure does help. As some of the most photogenic places in the world, Europe’s cities are oozing with Instagram potential. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the crème de la crème. Charge up your iPhones, sort out your angles and take on the cobbled streets one filtered little square at a time… after all, did it even happen if you didn’t Instagram it? 

1. London, England

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Unsurprisingly, England’s capital city wins the title of one of the most Instagram worthy places in Europe. Tagged on the social sharing site over 119.9 million times, it’s safe to say the manicured streets of the Big Smoke are bursting with aesthetically pleasing shop fronts, cafes, culture and tradition, not to mention the collection of iconic picturesque landmarks. Truly Instagram royalty, even London’s toilets have their own corner of fame online.


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2. Paris, France

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The universal city of love is bound to have people double-tapping that heart button. Based on iconic monuments alone, Paris has been deemed Insta-worthy since the beginning of the app. The picturesque narrow streets, canals and chic collection of museums not to mention the innate Parisian sense of style, makes the French capital the ideal spot to capture your cultural candid shot.


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3. Rome, Italy

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Head to the Italian capital and go in search of ancient Roman Empire remnants for the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday. With myriad fountains, statues and authentic traditional charm, Rome has a photo opp waiting around every corner. Show the world your inner history buff and pose beside the monumental Colosseum or channel Lady and the Tramp and slurp up spaghetti for the perfect foodie post.


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4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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This city pretty much speaks for itself when it comes to share-ability. Talk about postcard perfect canals lined with beautiful flowers and cute bicycles as well as houseboats, windmills, tulips and colourful wonky buildings – if this city doesn’t scream Instagram - worthy, I don’t know what does. As if it couldn’t get any better, Amsterdam has a thriving culinary culture so you can upload purple lattes and vegan buddha bowls to your story from dusk ‘til dawn.


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5. Prague, Czech Republic

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Recently crowned one of Eastern Europe’s most popular destinations, Prague knows what it’s doing when it comes to inventive architecture and prettifying the past. You’ll want to focus most of your attention on the colourful buildings of the Old Town Square, the statue-lined Charles Bridge and medieval castle complex. Make sure to get a pic in front of the infamous Dancing House and snap a selfie at the Astronomical Tower before you head off.


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6. Berlin, Germany

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The gritty glamour of Berlin couldn’t be more deserving of a place on our list of Europe's most Instagrammable cities. Spice up your aesthetic and get grungy at the underground party scene. Pay a visit to the historical murals of the Eastside Gallery and vary your content by mixing in snaps of the timeless architecture synonymous with old Europe. In a town where even the train stations are mega Instagrammable, you’ll be in photography heaven.


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7. Barcelona, Spain

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There’s only one word needed to describe Barcelona and that is Gaudi. The Spanish architect has shaped the city into an Instagrammer’s paradise with his wacky, wonderful creations that turn the town almost cartoon-like. Make your way up to Park Guell for the ultimate panoramas and sit on one of the coloured mosaic walls. The photo opportunities in the city are endless – chances are, you’ll run out of charge before you’ve manage to capture them all!


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8. Zurich, Switzerland

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Traditionally recognised for its relevance in the world of finance, Zurich is earning itself a new reputation as one of Europe’s most Instagrammable cities. From the picturesque streets of the Altstadt, the collection of architecturally beautiful churches and Munsterbrucke bridge to the Limmat River and Lake Zurich, this city is not only good at counting its pennies. Get trigger happy and go wild snapping up every inch of the traditional town. It won’t take long before you’ve got the money shot.


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9. Edinburgh, Scotland

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There’s a reason Edinburgh has been chosen as the backdrop for many feature films. Its winding cobbled streets, traditional shop fronts, stunning vantage points and historical elegance combine to create a majestic Instagram destination. Strut your stuff down the Golden Mile, act the fool at the Fringe Festival and get lost down the labyrinth of alleyways leading from the Old Town. This medieval metropolis will bump up your follower count in one upload.


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10. Lisbon, Portugal

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Any city that has coloured an entire street bubble-gum pink is bound to be photogenic and this couldn’t be more true of mini-break hotspot, Lisbon. The public transport alone is worth a photo – who could pass up on cute little street cars roam around covered in artsy graffiti? The ultimate getaway for design buffs, the Portuguese city effortlessly fuses modern with traditional as seen in the old quarter with its street murals and historic cathedrals.


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11. Hamburg, Germany

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Full to the brim with visually stunning landmarks, 2,300 bridges, huge parks, canals and a picture-perfect harbour, it’s no wonder Hamburg was voted one of the most Instagram worthy places on the continent. Apart from a remarkable landscape, the city itself is full of photography gems such as the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and an array of churches ready for their close up. Known as the European Green Capital, Hamburg knows how to give back in more ways than one.


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12. Valencia, Spain

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Spain’s third largest city is all your tropical dreams come true. Pose under palm trees until the sun goes down, wander through vibrant market stalls, dip in and out of gothic cathedrals and gaze out over the horizon. Spend the afternoon taking advantage of the cool architecture at the City of Arts and Science and discover why Valencia is one of the most Instagrammable cities in Europe.


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13. Stockholm, Sweden

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Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Stockholm is a nature lover’s paradise amongst other things. Prepare to take some spectacular landscape pics for the ‘gram whilst visiting the Swedish capital. Embrace the nautical theme attached to the city and make use of the surrounding water for some candid adventure shots. Take some time to head inland and explore the secrets of Galma Stan. Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with fellow Insta-enthusiasts at Prastgatan, the street notorious for attracting the blogger type, while you pout in front of the yellow and orange houses lining the passageway.


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14. Dublin, Ireland

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Who doesn’t love a bit of Irish charm? The capital city is serving up all the aesthetics with its traditional cobbled streets, historical buildings and unique bridges crossing the River Liffey. Set up camp in Temple Bar and lean against colourful walls whilst listening to trad music pour out of one of the many bars covering the area. Get that iconic shot in front of the Guinness Gate and go in search of the Molly Malone statue for the ultimate city selfie.


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15. Oslo, Norway

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On the southern coast at the head of Oslo fjord, the Norwegian capital city is flying the flag for Instagram lovers. Boasting tons of green spaces and water breaks, this is another place that will give you a natural aesthetic rivalled by few. Visit the museums, find the iconic tiger statue and appreciate the impressive buildings towering all around you. If you do nothing else whilst there, make sure to venture out to Ekerberg Park and snap a picture with the diving board sculpture.


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16. Kyiv, Ukraine

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Look to the east and hunt for the grandeur and beauty hidden in the streets of Kyiv. Home to around three million people, the Ukrainian capital has an array of striking monuments, a golden domed monastery, street art and an impressive urban skyline to sink your teeth into. Discover what the city has to offer and see if you can spot the replica of the Eiffel Tower tucked away down one of the many side streets.


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17. Bruges, Belgium

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Last but not least, focus your attention on the charming city of Bruges. The backpacker’s paradise is anything but budget in what it has to offer both architecturally and scenically. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the city has an old-school rustic allure perfect for prettifying your page. Quaint and peaceful, take a stroll along the many canals, wander through a secret garden and settle down for a Belgian beer in the town centre. You’ll be drowning in likes before you know it!


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- Lucy Norris