Europe's Best Sunsets

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. Looking to enjoy the view? Here’s where you can experience the most beautiful sunsets across the continent. 


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Ibiza has a big reputation as one of Europe’s party capitals, but this lively Spanish island is also an ideal destination to watch the sun go down. The weather here is gorgeous almost all year round and Ibiza is equally famous for its glorious, red sunsets.


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One of the most enchanting Greek islands, Santorini has a unique allure. Watching the sun slowly descend around perfect, whitewashed buildings and picture perfect coastal scenery is an absolute treat.


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A destination that should be on everybody’s bucket list, sun-drenched Malta is a tiny island gem. Here summers are long and hot, the country has a welcoming local vibe (its population is less than half a million) and its dreamy sunsets along the walled city of Valletta are to die for. 


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Verses of poetry have been written about the enchanting sunsets witnessed in Sicily. Dominated by mountain ranges and covered in beautiful sandy beaches, this enormous Italian island is the perfect spot to sit back, relax and watch the sun go down.


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Blessed with sunny shores, there are few better places to watch the sunset than Mykonos. This Greek island is packed with locals and tourists along the harbour during summer months. Grab a cocktail from the bar, plant yourself down on a deck chair and watch the magic unfold.


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The Norwegian capital is a charming, relaxing city that lets you go at your own pace. After enjoying landmarks like Vigeland Park, the Royal Palace and the Viking Museum, head up to Oslo Fjord (located between Torbjørnskjær and Færder lighthouses) where you’ll enjoy a peaceful twilight.


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This picturesque town in southwest France is famous for its elegant gardens, fancy wine bars and local gastronomy (cassoulet is a must-try dish). But Toulouse is also a great place to enjoy a romantic sunset with your significant other. Head down to the Garonne river, pop open a bottle of red and enjoy.


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The Catalonian capital has the best of both worlds: a slick, modern city and some of the most beautiful sunny beaches anywhere in Spain. During summer months, the sun doesn’t set in Barcelona until after 9pm. Take a cable car ride up to Castillo de Montjuic (a former military fortress) where you’ll enjoy the best views of the city… and a blissful Spanish sunset.


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If you want to experience a properly romantic sunset, then there’s no better place on earth than Venice. It might be a well-worn cliché, but there’s still something really magical about sailing down the city’s famous canals in a gondola watching the evening sun go down.


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Beautiful flowers, charming canals, cobblestoned streets. There’s so much to love about easy-going Amsterdam and it’s an excellent choice if you’re chasing the best sunsets in Europe. The Dutch capital’s glowing canals are the perfect backdrop as the evening draws to a close.


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Bruges is a colourful, charming city that looks like a real-life Instagram filter. Here you’ll enjoy a splendid sunset as the day comes to a close over its beautiful, picturesque waterways and cobblestoned streets. We highly recommend hiring a canal boat tour to properly enjoy the experience.


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Affectionately known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik is a mesmerising spot to enjoy some peace and tranquility. Filled with dazzling medieval sites, trendy restaurants and wine bars, you’ll do well to find a better seaside location to watch the sun descend. 


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Lake Como

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Lake Como is one of Europe’s most iconic holiday destinations. This famous Italian lake is dotted with expensive luxury villas and a visit here can be spent jet skiing and paragliding. After enjoying all of Lake Como’s exciting activities, there’s no better feeling than unwinding by its calming blue shores in the evening.


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Famed for its array of fine vineyards, Bordeaux is a location known for elegance and cultural charm. The city is home to Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas, the longest vertical bridge in Europe, which is a popular spot enjoyed by locals to watch the sunset. Temperatures reach as high as 27 degrees during the summer and the city has a powerful, orange glow come evening time.


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If you are very, very lucky, a visit to Finland may mean seeing the dazzling Northern Lights. This stunning Baltic nation is a dream visit for anyone who enjoys nature and outdoor scenery. Lappeenranta is a hidden gem located on the shore of Lake Saimaa (about 30km from the Russian border) and it’s here you’ll enjoy an enchanting sunset like no other in Northern Europe.


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There are expensive super-yachts and beautiful palm trees as far as the eye can see along Bodrum’s Palmarina marina. Bodrum is a destination that combines traditional culture and stunning coastal scenery. Relaxing on the edge of the Aegean coast, you’ll enjoy a tranquil Turkish sunset here.


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A nature lover’s paradise, Alghero is well known for fun water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and dolphin watching. This Italian island is awash with beautiful outdoor landscapes and watching the sun go down at Lido beach, Capo Caccia and Blau Skybar is a real treat.


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Seeing the sun sink over Athens’ epic collection of ancient relics and fascinating ruins is a truly unique experience. Looking on as a fiery orange glow falls over iconic sites like the Acropolis, Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus is a breathtaking site in this treasured Greek city.


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The same can be said for Rome, which also boasts a fine collection of fascinating relics and ruins. The Italian capital is famous for its intense, hot summers and looking on as the sun falls over the city’s horizon is a special feeling. Head to Terrazza del Pincio, Castle of the Holy Angel or hang around the iconic Colosseum to enjoy Rome’s glowing sunset to the fullest.


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There are a number of excellent locations in Zadar to watch the sun go down, like the Riva promenade, Marina Borik and the beautiful walled garden of Queen Jelena Madijevka. This Croatian gem is covered in a blanket of pink, red and purple as the day draws to a close. 


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This northwest coastal gem is teeming with pretty cafés and colourful buildings along its hilly, cobblestoned streets. Head to Porto to experience a glorious, glowing sunset down by the medieval Ribeira district.


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