A Local's Guide to Frankfurt

Ahead of Love Family Park, local DJ and Producer, Boris Brejcha, gives his top tips on nearby Frankfurt – turn your day rave at Germany’s oldest open-air techno festival into a weekend of exploration, relaxation and delve into traditional German culture with these tips.


Back in a brand new location on the idyllic shores of the river “Main” in Rüsselsheim - LFP boasts an all-star line up some of the biggest names in underground music: with Richie Hawtin, Nina Kraviz, Sven Väth and many more sound tracking the 22nd edition on the 28th July 2018.


Check out the Love Family Park website for more information.


A Local’s Guide to… Frankfurt with Boris Brejcha

"My name is Boris Brejcha, I do not live in Frankfurt but I usually start my travels from the airport Frankfurt. Sometimes, I also spend my time in the city, because my girlfriend lives near and I really like the city by itself.


Frankfurt has an amazing Skyline, the best airport, good food and drinks as well as lovely people.


When someone visits me in Frankfurt, the first place I take them is on the “Ebbelwei- Express”, where you can connect a sightseeing-tour with Frankfurt’s most famous food and drinks.


The “Ebbelwei- Express” is a very funny tram and it gives you the opportunity to see special destinations and try typical food and drinks, such as “Frankfurter Grüne Soße” and Apfelwein. You can easily get in touch with new people and make new friends.


Where to eat in Frankfurt

The best place to grab a really good coffee in Frankfurt is definitely the “Kaffeemacherei” in the “Eckenheimer Landstr. 70”, district: “Nordend". Beside peerless coffee you can also enjoy teas and tartes. It is a very cosy place.

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I would recommend a picnic with all your favourite food (and champagne) on the “Lohrberg”. There you have an absolutely stunning view over Frankfurt and a nice garden to spend to time with your most beloved people.


A very enjoyable place for me, to eat in Frankfurt is the “Kleinmarkthalle”. It is a hall with many small food-stands. I love to stroll through the tiny corridors and pick a little bit from every hut.


Off the tourist trail...

A very popular place for locals is a district, called “Alt-Sachsenhausen/Alt-Sachs”. It includes a huge number of bars and typical pubs. Most of them are very rustic. You should visit it, if you love hurly-burly and good drinks with good friends.

Best time to visit

I guess, summer is always the best time to travel. I would suggest, a warm week in summer, so you could let your feet dangle at the “Mainufer” in hot summer nights.


The “Main” is the river which runs in Frankfurt and from its river-side you have a perfect view on the skyline and it’s a very charming place. (For example, for a date)...


Before you come to Frankfurt

Frankfurt is also the city of banks and finance. There are a lot of busy people on the run. But if you choose the right places to stay, you can easily escape the urban jungle and find rest.


If there are three things you must do while in Frankfurt you have to drink the favourite drink of every person living in Frankfurt... Apfelwein!


You should cross the Main via the Bridge “Eiserner Steg” and have a look at all the locks, which happy couples hung there, to seal their love.


After that, take a walk at the river-side of the Main. I will play on the River Main in Russelsheim this July for Love Family Park.


And visiting the Opera-house “Alte Oper” is a must-do. Let yourself being wrapped up by it’s charm.

Money saving tips

Don’t pay too much money for a hotel. Look for a cheap hotel, and instead of spending all your time in the hotel room, go out and explore my favourite city. (Use your hotel room only to sleep).


Instead of shopping at the famous, but overcrowded “Zeil”, visit the “Berger Straße” and go shopping in one of the pleasant boutiques."


A massive thank you to Boris for sending us his guide to Frankfurt. So, next time you're heading to Frankfurt you'll now know how to experience it like a local.


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