A Local's Guide to Pula

Pula is a Croatian town known for its amazing Roman architecture, beautiful sea and gorgeous beaches. But that's what we know about. What about the stuff the locals keep secret?


We asked a local to let us in on those secrets and tell us the best things to do in Pula. Vinka organises and produces cultural events in the city. We couldn't think of anyone better to ask.


Here she is with her local guide to Pula.

A Local's Guide to Pula

"If I could describe Pula in five words they would be: cultural, historical, affordable, beautiful and relaxed.


When someone visits me here, I would definitely walk them through the old Austro-Hungarian fortresses that otherwise stretch across the Istrian peninsula.


One of the most popular is Fort Punta Christo - a place well-known for the great events and festivals like Slurp! Festival, Seasplash Festival, Dimensions and Outlook Festivals that take place over the summer season.


Fort Punta Christo is located close to the island of Brijuni, one of the most popular National Parks in Croatia.

Where to eat in Pula

The best place to grab a coffee is at club Kotač (club Wheel) located in Community Centre Karlo Rojc.


Besides coffee place, this club is also a co-working space by day and in the evening it turns into a totally different story providing visitors various entertainment programs. It also has very affordable drinks prices and friendly staff.

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Located near the city center Fine Fast Food Piantina offers an excellent choice for breakfast. You can eat your food on a small lovely terrace and the choice of food is both tasty and healthy.


After you’ve finished with breakfast you are ready to walk through the city with all the interesting amenities that the city offers nearby.


Hook&Cook located in the very center of the city is my favourite restaurant in Pula. It offers delicious, fresh and quick prepared street seafood meals. Truly the place you have to visit if you come to Pula.

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Off the tourist trail...

It would be Community Centre Karlo Rojc (colloquially Rojc). It is not a typical tourist destination but it has a very interesting story behind its walls. Actually, I think very few people who are coming to Pula for the very first time know about this place.


The building is a former barracks and is the largest and the most long-lasting squat in Croatia that evolved in a Multicultural Community Centre with more than 4,000 square meters of corridors painted by different artists.


Today the same buildings are used by over 100 non-profit organizations and represent the centre of social activities of the city of Pula.

Image: www.pulacroatia.net

Best time to visit

If you are a person who likes to explore and have a good time the best period to visit the city of Pula is during the summer season.


It offers a variety of different content appropriate for young people and those in mature years. From small-town events to big music, food and film festivals.

Before you arrive

Visitors should know that Pula is a city with a great history. It is 3,000 years old and it was founded by the Romans.


For years it was one of the most significant marinas thanks to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Today in Pula you can find a lot of colorful content that is offered through various daytime activities and nightlife.

3 things you must-do in Pula

The first one is the famous amphitheater where concerts, music, and film festivals are held. The amphitheatre is best known for its opening concerts for Outlook and Dimensions festivals.


The second one is the underground Zerostrasse tunnels and third place belongs to the beautiful beaches where you can relax and take a swim.

Money saving tips

If you are coming to Pula be prepared that there aren’t so many shopping places to go shopping. You will be welcomed by smaller city shops in the center of Pula and larger supermarkets at the entrance to the city.


It would be to book a hostel or vacation house or even better option is to camp. Pula has a very beautiful place for camping by the sea with affordable prices.


Another tip would be to talk to local people and ask them for a recommendation. The locals are the best and most reliable source of information you can get.


The last money-saving tip would be to use public transport as the taxi ride is quite expensive."

This Croatian city looks like an amazing place to visit. A huge thank you to Vinka for her local guide to Pula.


Instead of going on a traditional summer holiday, why not try somewhere new and add these things to do in Pula to your bucket list?


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