15 of Europe’s Cheapest Nights Out

There’s no denying the Northern Hemisphere knows how to throw a good party. From underground electronic raves to glamourous beach bashes, the cities of Europe have got it covered, but good times don’t always come cheap. In a new era of through-the-roof cover charges and drinks costing an arm and a leg, a night on the tiles has become a burden on bank accounts everywhere. Save yourself a few bob the next time you fancy letting loose abroad and follow our guide to the cheapest nights out in Europe. 

1. Warsaw, Poland

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It may not immediately spring to mind as party central, but Warsaw’s vibrant, budget-friendly after dark scene is truly excellent. Things in the Polish capital just keep getting better with cheap as chips public transport and affordable dining. Usually full of business travellers during the week, the city empties out just in time for a weekend of non-stop partying meaning low cost accommodation all round.


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2. Riga, Latvia

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The Old Town of Riga quickens its pulse as soon as the sun goes down and comes alive with excited party-goers. Packed together in one area, all the clubs, pubs and hotels are within short walking distances of each other meaning there’s no need to factor in a taxi fare at the end of the night. Most of the venues are free entry so you can have a fun night on the town that’ll cost you almost nothing.


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3. Budapest, Hungary

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Home to some of the cheapest beer on the continent, Budapest’s once overshadowed nightlife is having a moment all of its own. Offering a unique culture of ruin bars, pool parties at one of the city’s many baths and hidden alleyways full of artsy drink spots, a few days of boozing in the Hungarian capital will reward you with an experience that is anything but ordinary.


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4. Prague, Czech Republic

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Central Europe’s most underrated party destination is a paradise for the cash-strapped clubber. Boasting a nightlife scene that never gets old, visit Prague and prepare to spend the next few days drinking beer like its water and exploring the cosy bars, traditional drinking halls and five-storey super-clubs that populate the dimly lit streets of the city. Stick around to see the sun rise over the Charles Bridge and go home happy knowing you’ve saved more money than you’ve spent.


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5. Lagos, Portugal

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Famous for being the Portuguese party hotspot, Lagos is no sleepy seaside village. Attracting sun-seekers with its booze cruises, stunning beaches, unruly toga parties and dirt-cheap drinks, this city will have you dancing from dusk till dawn. Spend the days sipping margaritas by the pool and the nights making moves at some of Europe’s craziest nightclubs - the hangover will be worth it! 


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6. Saint Julian’s, Malta

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As the party Mecca of Malta, Saint Julian’s has a big reputation to uphold and honestly, it doesn’t disappoint. Concentrating all its nightlife in the district of Paceville, you can hit up multiple spots in one night and easily conquer the clubs without dishing out a fortune. It’s impossible to be too far from the centre of the action when staying here.


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7. Tallinn, Estonia

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Famous for being a nation of party animals, Estonia is our next location on the list of the cheapest nightlife in Europe. For a relatively small town, Tallinn has a surprisingly large number of pubs and clubs stretching within a ten mile radius of the old town square. Giving a whole new meaning to ‘cheap and cheerful’, spend the night exploring cellar bars, red carpet clad retro clubs and smooth jazz lounges. With no fussy dress codes and welcoming locals, Tallinn offers an atmosphere you’ll never forget.


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8. Munich, Germany

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Forget what you know about the home of Bavarian beer and see Munich in a new light. Discover its hidden underground thriving nightlife and delve into the many bars and clubs the city has to offer. Discover a myriad of rooftop bars, unique microbreweries and cheap kiosks to kickstart the ultimate night out on a budget.


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9. Athens, Greece

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Whether it’s a night of class you’re after or an authentic local experience, Athens has a place for you to let your hair down. Evolving alongside the city, the Greek capital’s nightlife has gone from strength to strength over the years, becoming a collection of sophisticated yet affordable hotspots. Get ready to watch the sun rise over the Acropolis as the clubs don’t finish until the morning sun comes up.


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10. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Perhaps the most infamous of the lot, it’s no secret this Mediterranean city has some of the best nightlife in Europe. Pub crawl your way through the quirky bars in the old town and dance ‘till your feet drop off at one of the many clubs lining the streets of Santa Catalina or El Terreno. Promoting a party atmosphere 365 days a year, you can’t fail to have a fun night out when in Palma de Mallorca.


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11. Lisbon, Portugal

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Continuing well after the sun has risen, Lisbon nightlife is some of the best around. Sip cocktails by the River Tagus, chill out in the underground bars of the Bairro District and see the morning in at one of the clubs on Santo Amaro Docks. No matter the day of the week, there’ll be a party on somewhere in the city to suit your needs – all you have to do is look for it. 


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12. Nice, France

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From dusk to dawn, one of France’s most popular tourist destinations comes through with an animated nightlife that lights up the region. Take your pick from a plethora of beach clubs, wine bars, pubs and clubs in the area or venture out to nearby Juan les Pins to expand the playing field. Party next to the beautiful beaches and drink in the late night ambiance of one of the world’s favourite coastlines for a night to remember.


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13. Bucharest, Romania

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Above all else, the former Communist city is know the world over for its eclectic clubbing scene. With new venues popping up at the rate of knots, the nocturnal capital can’t keep up with itself when it comes to the number of party hotspots on offer. Head Downtown and catch a performance at one of the many live music arenas or mingle with the locals until night turns into day.


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14. Barcelona, Spain

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For a second city, Barcelona doesn’t hold back when it comes to hitting the tiles. Spread across a collection of trendy neighbourhoods, the nightlife scene is thriving more than ever and attracts more and more eager ravers every day. Fusing culture and a love of partying, the metropolis is undoubtedly one of the best places to plan a weekend exploring the nightlife on the cheap.


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15. Vilnius, Lithuania

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Viewed by many as the prime partying hotspot of the Baltic States, Lithuania’s capital has no boundaries when it comes to nightlife variety. Strewn amongst spellbinding baroque architecture, the pebbly streets of the medieval old town are home to a mass of cool, quirky bars and clubs guaranteed to give you good value in all sense of the word. Once voted Europe’s cheapest city, a night in Vilnius won’t even come close to emptying your pockets.


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- Lucy Norris